Where are the Cutting Edge Announcements? ( Nov 1, 2023)

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As of November 1, 2023, DirecTV is requiring that participants in Cutting Edge software testing sign a non disclosure agreement (NDA). The NDA form is available form Tom Speer or doctor j. Until we receive your NDA form, you will not have access to the Cutting Edge Announcements, Discussions, and Issues Reporting. You will also be removed from any push lists if you have not signed the NDA. The access thaqt was granted by joining the prior Cutting Edge Group is being removed on November 1, 2023.

Once we receive your properly filled out and signed NDA form, we will give you access to the Cutting Edge forums and try to restore you to the push lists. See the Welcome post for more information.
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I know there will be testing for the Gemini. I would think if there is anything for the Internet only devices, it would only be for their Osprey box. This is DIRECTV Product Engineering we are working with to test the software for their hardware products (Genies and clients). I highly doubt we will be testing the apps for other devices. But I will ask this coming week.
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Our contact at DirecTV has replied that the Osprey that you have will not be involved with Cutting Edge testing, nor will any of the apps for third party devices. For the time being, we will only be involved with satellite connected devices. The Osprey was developed by another DirecTV Engineering Group. If there is an opportunity to test a possible successor to the Osprey, I will seek additional users for the group.