Where is ThisTV

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  1. Looking for ThisTV. I know NOT FTA but was asked to help out a new TV station. Thanks
  2. ITC on 99W. Also in the mux: WSJX Fox, WVGN NBC, and Cozi/CW

  3. A new TV station would need to contact ThisTV for a carriage contract. The contract would specify the source for the feed.
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  4. It is broadcast from 125W Galaxy 14. Owned by MGM and Tribune broadcasting out of Chicago
  5. Nice. The same as any TV so we can use the same dish. Thanks

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  6. Yes it is in the same mux as ANT TV and WGN
  7. I am having a hard time getting Fox on my ota antenna, So Fox comes on C band 99w?
  8. Yes it does