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May 2, 2004
I guess I need the Phase III dish to do what I want to do. I went to DirecTv website to buy a system and they said I came under the NRTC and routed me to Pegasus. What are some good sites to buy from online. Need Phase III dish, TiVo receiver, and two regular receivers. Went to Bestbuy and they just looked at me kinda stupid-like when I asked about Phase III.
Also, I have Dishnetwork now so I have cables to all receivers. I guess I'm gonna have to run one more cable to family room for the TiVo receiver, correct? Thanks, Hutch
Dish Availability

I am in Southern California and Circuit City has the Terk triple lnb dish for $99.
You can order it @ www.circuitcity.com or they have them in stock at the stores here. They also have the Hughes and Samsung HD receivers @ $299.
Pete, thanks for the site. Looks like they've got a 3 room system with the 40 gb tivo, 2 reg. receivers, and the triple lnb dish for $69.99. That sounds like a good deal. I can't, for the life of me, find any code though. Thanks, Hutch
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