Where to put inline aplifier

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Aug 11, 2005
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I would appreciate some advice. I want to put in a FTA dish but have a problem. My run is 150 feet. I have RG6 Commscope "flooded" cable. I have about 10' of cable at dish end, then 90' in burried in two inch conduit, then about 50' above ground. I have been told I must use an inline amplifier but then the local people disagree about where it should go. One person says I can put it at the dish and that would power the whole 150' run. The other guy says it should go in the middle of the run at (75') Which would wind up in the middle of the conduit. I got 4 cables in a 2" conduit and I dont think there is enough room to fit it inside the conduit. Anyway, would somebody set me stright.

If anyones got any suggestions or alternative solutions would you please let me know.

Any advice or response would be appreciated.

Should NOT be needed on a run of 150'. I often run upto 200' without a problem!
Pete is absolutely correct. If you are using good cable, and are not motorizing the antenna, runs of 200 feet are quite doable without an amplifier. Should you need an amplifier, it should be about halfway between the antenna and indoors, to achieve a balance between increasing the signal level before it goes into the noise, and overdriving the signal by amplifying it too close to the source.
But at 150 feet....no amplifier should be necessary.
Thanks for your responses. I do plan on putting a motor on the dish. Do you think I can still get by with running 150' with a motor?

I still recommend leaving it out unless its absolutely necessary (If it does not work as a LAST resort)

You are using GREAT cable, I don't see it being a problem depending on the motor.
Thanks to all of you that responded. I am going to get the pole set and then I may bug you all for reccomendations on equipment.

thanks again

If you do end up needing an amp do whatever it takes to avoid pulling it into a conduit, particularly one that is below grade.

Sure, it is possible to build a water-tight underground conduit, water pipes are a great example. Electrical conduits are different - assume that they will flood. Don't place anything in a conduit that you wouldn't place underwater.

If I absolutely needed an amp (or splice, or anything else) in the middle of a below grade run I would break the run and put in an above-grade riser to house the device.
I've got a run of 160 feet from the house ot the back reciever and the signals are the same as in the front room
"Where to put inline amplifier?"

Back in the drawer where it belongs. :D

Seriously, as the others have stated you won't need it for that length of coax.
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