Which source do you watch for most of your news information. (Via Satellite or OTA - Not internet so

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Jan 22, 2009
Which source do you watch for most of your news information. (Via Satellite or OTA - Not internet sources)

I only tried to include 24 hour news stations

ABC News Now

Al Jazeera




CCTV-9 (China)



CTV (Canada)

Deutsche Welle


Fox News


NHK News Line

Press TV

RT - Russia Today
for daily news....honestly none of the above
watch it on the local affiliates (usually WDIO Duluth or KEYC Mankato....less crime and murders on those versus the Minneapolis stations)

otherwise for the "big" news items I flip between CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News
Not counting Internet sources, Al Jazeera. PBS is second.

I hate fluff. Thus the sources I choose.

- Trip
I think, for an "un-biased" view. [especially at the national level] one must use multiple sources, and formulate your own "bias". I hate when the local news replays the the national headlines. Especially when I know there's more local news that could have been investigated, but they have opted to ignore.
fox is the only news station... a bit too far to the left if u ask me tho (infinately better than ms(crap)nbc & cnn tho)
As Fat Air said, you need to watch multiple sources to get most of the story and figure out the embellishments from pertinant fact. I visit most of those news channels. The nice thing about being an FTA buff is knowing all these sources and how to watch them :) You could say that the FTA er is better informed than the average bear.
I watch (listen) to Fox and Fox Business news FTA on the hotel mux out in my shop on my S9, which is where I spend most of my time. At lunch time and dinner time I watch local OTA news.

I know you didn't want internet stuff but I read there and get more from it than the others. I read articles from MSN.com and Yahoo.com quite a bit as they have stories and articles from all the major news outfits, ie, AP, Reuters, Gardian UK, etc. As Fat Air has said, I like to have a broad base so I can hopefully get all the facts.
PBS and Local. When something major is going on I do the same. I know how to read between the lines from different sources to get the straight answer not the crap they want you to believe.
Almost all my news comes from my local OTA antenna. From SAT, we listen/watch international news from Al Jazeera, RT, China, and the feeds without the talking heads. The rest comes from the radio, NPR or FOX News.

I just pulled my OTA antenna down from my roof last night. The high winds managed to twirl the boom around. Since I cannot live without OTA, I risked life and limb to pull it down before the wind did it for me. I now have it planted in the ground on a pole where I can more easily maintain it and protect it from the high winds. Lucky for me I have climbing ropes and safety harness. The antenna now looks directly at the transmitting towers in a wind shadow. Something I should have done in the first place.
I used to mainly flip between the major US news networks. Of those I watched CNN more often than MSNBC or FOX News.... reason being is when either of those stations actually has news, it's good, but, as some of you may know, I'm as liberal as they come, but even for me, all the political blah-blah...on BOTH sides, has gotten totally out of control! I have been watching alot more international news, like CBC, RT, France 24, and Al Jazeera. Between those 4 and CNN, I get all the national/international news I need. :)
Just for daily news, I mainly watch OTA NBC/ABC or CBS. When I want market: Satellite for CNBC (when its on !). For the big events, I'm all over the satellite belt, 99W for network coverage, 97 for Al Jazeera if its international. I listen to radio a lot in the daytime too, and search the internet for more coverage on big happenings. After all those different sources, I just mentally remove the 90% BS, and realize I only have 10% of the news, lol. I am a news junkie though.
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I usually watch local news in the morning before work and FoxNews & CNN at night with a smattering of PBS, AJ. Used to watch PBS every night when it was McNeil-Lehrer news hour (ok, no old fart jokes), two great guys and you couldn't tell if they were liberal or conservative.

Used to watch RussiaToday, I assumed they were somewhat biased, until they started covering the US and found out how biased they really were.
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