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Aug 24, 2010
The other day I tried to log onto my DTV web site and was shown a banner saying there is a system failure so try again later or call this number" I waited till the next dad and tried again with the same results. I called the number and got a person at AT&T U-Verse site who didn’t have a clue about the workings of DTV. We went around and around for a while and seeing that he didn't / couldn’t know what the problem was I said thank you. I called an old DTV support number and got a DTV person who told me that they are working on the problem and it was fixed shortly after. FYI if you have a problem and you call either AT&T or DTV you need to check which side of this company you are talking to.
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Mar 16, 2012
Coral Springs, Florida
I called about some billing & programming changes recently, took me over & hour for simple questions to be answered. Had to deal with AT&T for billing questions then transferred to DTV for programming changes. None had a clue how to answer both concerns on their own. I'm giving them time to sort this out but for now budget lots of time for any telephone support.

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