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Feb 27, 2010
It would be interesting if they changed the model, like some utility companies do... one price for product and one price for distribution. If they charged simply for straight-up distribution that would be legal, if they charged for the content without paying content generator, that'd be another and illegal.

If the FCC got involved, it would be possible to derive a cost per GB or TB for transmission plus an overhead and they could tell third parties, this is legal, but this is the limit. If you go DVR or charge more than the limit, then you need to deal directly with the stations.

There is a viable public need for this type of service. But this would require bureaucracy to evolve. I think the big trouble is the company is playing under a "loophole" and courts can pretend to ignore loopholes all they decide to. And these companies are way too small to out lobby the conglomerate networks. Locast should be teaming with Sat and Cable to make this legal in DC.
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Oct 7, 2003
Added Youtube TV (using our Apple TV) and now back watching SF Bay Area regional sports. Quality is really good. I might get used to this….
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