Why do local channels go off or are in error? (1 Viewer)

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Jul 13, 2008
I had a problem with losing my local channels. (Out of the blue, they'd go out.) I'd switch channels (or sometimes, it would happen when I'd first turn the tv on) and would entirely lose NBC (for this channel, I would get an error message of 721 - this channel not purchased), then on my local ABC and CBS channels, I would get incorrect channels playing (the WE channel on one and something called the101 channel on another).
Oddly, it was only happening on my main television, not my 2nd tv in the bedroom. A technician came out (after 1 and half weeks) and looked at the dish (possibly reinstalled a new one), came in and ran the setup on the receiver again. After this, it worked. (I was a bit leary though - because sometimes when this occured, resetting the receiver on my own did the trick and other times it didn't.) So, I figured time would tell if the problem was truly resolved.
Less than a week later, it has happened again - twice on the main tv and now once on the 2nd tv. (The each have identical DVR Plus receivers.) Plus, last night, I lost sound on one of them. Turning off the set and receiver then turning it back on seemed to do the fix for that.

Before I call for another technician to come out and do the same thing that the last one did (who in turn told me I could reset the receiver on my own and showed me how to go through the process -- even after I told him that does not always fix the problem), is there any other way that I can stress to the operator and technician that there must be another problem? :confused:

Thanks for any help!
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Please reply by conversation.

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