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Oct 31, 2003
I had my 6000u that I got for $149 installed today and I was moving my other 6000 to the bedroom for a HDTV I will buy early next year. Ran into some problems and the installer couldn't figure out what was wrong but plans to comeback with another installer and more equipment. The problem is none of my HDTV package channel(DHD,HD Net, HD Net Movies,EspnHD) will tune in and transpoder 17 has almost no signal strength. If you change the transponder number you get a good signal strength but still no picture. Any ideas what this could be?
Bad 8PSK Modual!

The reciever will display no signal strengh on 8PSK transponders if you do not have the 8PSK Modual installed in your reciever.

This is the part im talking about...
This isn't really a HW problem. I went throught 8 8PSK and finally got it solved throught advanced tech support. The proper procedure for installing a new 6000 is to get the box to take a SW load WITHOUT the 8PSK, and then install the 8PSK in the outboard slot.

If the wrong SW is loaded, there is no way to fix the receiver. You must ask for a replacement. The symptoms are no HD package (ESPN HD/ HDMV, DSC?HD) and 110 transponser 17 and 07 don't lock to 110.

I have not recieved the replacement receiver to very this actually works.

Hmmm - I know that is true with the 8VSB but the latest 6000u I got I took the download with the 8PSK installed and everything is fine with it.

I did learn this about the 8VSB the HARD WAY. I told the installer that too and he was glad to hear it, didnt know that! He never installed a 6000 before (eye roll)

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