Will Local OTA Schedule Show in Program Guide?


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Sep 8, 2003
Once E* gets it's act together and makes all the software fixes they need to make to the program guide to get it to work right (2 days of informaion instead of 2 hours, get the preview window working when you bring up the guide, not 30 seconds later, just to name a few), will the guide display the local OTA programming schedules on it? Some time ago, in one of these forums, I thought I read that it would, but in other's, I read that it wouldn't. I also read that it would in cities where it re-transmittes the locals it would.

Does anyone know if E* has plans to display the local OTA schedules on the electronic guide?
Even if this does make it into the 811, it would be dependant on the broadcaster actually sending out programming details. Doubtful at best :rolleyes:
I'm in the Phoenix area and up until I got my 811, I subscribed to my locals from E*.

If and when E* gets the mapping of the local OTA digital and analog channels fixed on the 811, I would think that they could do a simple compare (sorry but my old programming days are coming out again) to see if the channels the customer has added to the receiver match the local re-mapped channels in their electronic guide, then display that information. Most of the other receivers already do the re-mapping of the locals in the guide, so it should only take a little more code to match those channels with the one's added to the receiver by the customer/user.

Once again, this will only work on receivers that are in areas where E* re-broadcasts the locals.

As for the locals adding their shceduling information to their digital signal, wasn't that part of the digital broadcasting requirements that the FCC made?
I just got my 510 receiver and I can just barely see what's coming on for the next hour. There's nothing in there beyond 2 hours on my locals and the 94xx series channels. I called Dish Network yesterday and they said that it downloads during the night and I'd have to turn off the receiver. Well I was recording stuff during the night so I couldn't turn it off. Besides, that didn't make any sense to me. Does all of this sound right?

You can turn it off and it will turn itself on at the scheduled recording time.
If they'd allow us to define a network affiliation to an HD station, then they could (in theory) map back the Locals schedule from the guide to the HD channel.

It's just a thought, and whether that would work in practice is another matter altogether.


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