Will Lord of the Rings: Return of the King make it to #2?

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You know...for these lists of raw dollars, they need to list the average price of a movie ticket at the time. I look at the list and I see "Star Wars" sitting at #12 with close to 800 megabucks. In 1977 I was outraged that the price of a movie ticket has "sky rocketed" to $3.50! And the matinee was an outrageous $1.75! (Remember minimum wage then was $2.30/hour)

Compare that to Titanic sitting at 1.83 Gigabucks. The average price for a ticket, $8.50 The average price of a Matinee, $5. Which movie grossed more "real" dollars?

And Return of the King (fantastic movie) cost on average $11 a ticket.

I'd love to see these movies ranked in terms of 1939 dollars. How would "Gone with the Wind" or "The Wizard of Oz" measure up considering the ticket price was a nickel or a dime.

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