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Mar 16, 2004
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OK, I just started using Windows Vista build 5744 with IE7 on my primary computer on my workplace domain. Here are some issues I am noticing with the SatelliteGuys.US forum software.

I am using the "classic" look.

1. There is no "Search" or "New Posts" functions.
2. All titles and text in posts and PMs is centered.

Scott, I noticed somewhere you are using Vista now, have you noticed these issues and what have you done to workaround them?

These exact same issues also existed on Windows 2003 Server with either IE6 or IE7 installed. I've got a shortcut somewhere on the old computer that I used for "new posts" but it would be really great if it worked "correctly".
I have been having those issues with IE7 at work and to fix it I need to clear the cache.

No problems however at home on the same version of vista.
Thing is, it's a new, clean install on new hardware so clearing cache would be pointless.

Maybe there's something causing it in the domain policies.
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