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Nov 22, 2009
Terra Prime
Hello all,

Having an issue with two of my three receivers. My 622 is connected to the internet using the Netgear USB wireless adapter, and my 722k is connected via Linksys Wireless N Gaming Bridge. Dish Network's Remote Access website reports them as being online.

Dish Remote Access lets me see the content of their DVR's and channel guides all normally. The malfunction comes when I try to delete DVR content: on both receivers I get the dreaded error "Unable to delete x: Unknown Error Occurred".

Both DVR's have this issue, and it's become quite annoying. The 922 doesn't have this issue -- and I'm starting to suspect it's because it's using a wired connection.

My router is a WRT54G using dd-wrt. Could the issue be bandwidth related? Do I finally need to step to up Wireless-N?

Any help anyone could offer would be appreciated. Dish Technical Support was completely unhelpful (Their first suggestion was "run a wire and test it" -- what's the point of having wireless then???), so I'm turning to the community I've followed for so long. Thanks! :)
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SatelliteGuys Pro
Dec 30, 2010
Denver, Colorado
Do you have any problems creating timers? Can you send me a PM with your phone/account number along with an event that it would be ok for me to delete? I want to see exactly what it says when I try and delete events via DRA.
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