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Aug 30, 2009
my daughter is getting set up with comcast.phone,internet,tv. they told here she would need a wireless card for her desktop computer.why would she need that.?i have charter cable and the cable goes to the modem then to the computer


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Dec 10, 2008
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Not sure. USB wireless is easy and not expensive. There are some wireless PCI cards out there but I'd go with a USB. She may want to call her local office and ask for more information about specifics.


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Sep 29, 2003
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I could see it if the room the computer is in is far from the modem location. The modem has to be conveniently located for the phone wiring access. If she was on a different floor, I bet the wiring would be significant.

I have triple play, and I was offered one location for the modem. Any other location would have been at additional cost. Since I rent, everything except one computer is via 802.11.


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Feb 15, 2009
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As a former directv tech, i can say i have seen this once before, on a comcast take over install. The cust has one of those leviton boxes in their garage , and inside that were all of the cable lines, + a modem/router/phone unit with an ugly comcastic sticker on the side of it. Verizon was coming the next day, so im not sure how that was gonna work, but my install was easily swm'd because of this, but perhaps this is what comcast is doing now. Installing a wireless unit. Just a thought. I wouldnt have thought having wifi originating from an enclosed metal box was a good idea... but what do i know... im just a tech lol.

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