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Jan 31, 2010
Hudson County, New Jersey
about the On Demand service!:confused:

I currently have TWC in the northern NJ area. The PQ and DVR service are horrible. I want to switch to DTV but I need to be sure the On Demand functionality won't leave me seriously disappointed. I watch On Demand movies on TWC quite often.

I've read that DTV On Demand requires an internet connection. My audio closet, where my current TWC DVR box is located, obviously has a cable connection. However, my internet router is located in another part of the house.

A few questions...your help IS definitely appreciated!!!

1) Do I have to obtain another internet modem from TWC so that the DTV box can be connected to the modem via the cable line in my audio closet?

2) How long do the movies take to download? TWC takes less than a minute. (when it is working..sometimes it is a nuisance!)

I checked my internet connection via speedtest.net and it said about 7.30mbps download and .48mbps upload...I was using my wireless laptop (@10:45pm)

3) Your honest opinion - can DTV compete with TWC On Demand or does DTV need more time for their service to mature?:confused::confused::confused:


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Jul 17, 2005
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You will not be able to tap into your router with a cable connection. You will need to get a powerline adaptor or a wireless adaptor. You can purchase both fron Directv. You could also wait a little while and get the new DECA technology that is coming. You can read about it on these forums. Either way, Directvs on demand Is not as quick as cable. You will have to wait a few minutes before you can watch a program. I don't know if it will ever be as quick as cable.


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Sep 23, 2005
New Jersey
The service itself is fine, but it's not instantaneous. At your speed, I suspect you could start watching a movie withing 10-15 minutes but don't hold me to that.

You already have a router or you wouldn't be able to use a wireless laptop but by far the most reliable connection is via cat 5 from router. If that's not feasible then a wireline adapter would be the next best thing.

That said, you could 1,000 positive responses here and still wind up disappointed.


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May 26, 2005
SE Wisconsin
I use the TWC modem and a router. I have my STB's connected via Cat5. No issues. I only have TWC internet service. Standard bit rate service right now.

I can download a 2hr SD movie anywhere from 10-20 mins. HD will take a bit longer. You can usually start watching the program after about 5-10 mins in most cases.

When I had RR Turbo it was obviously faster.


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Jan 25, 2005
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One thing that is different from cable on-demand and DirecTv on-demand is that the movie gets stored on the DVR for DirecTv. It does expire, but the expiration date is several weeks in the future.


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Nov 10, 2009
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3) Your honest opinion - can DTV compete with TWC On Demand or does DTV need more time for their service to mature?:confused::confused::confused:

The TWC on Demand service comes directly thru the coax cable via the local cable company in your area. DIRECTV will probably never be as fast since they serve the entire United States and you have to connect up your own seperate internet service to make it work. Even if you have 100 Mbps internet service in your house I think I read that DIRECTV limits the transfer speed to 6Mbps or something like that.


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Jul 27, 2007
DTV does not have HBO On Demand and their free offerings are not that great. If you don't mind missing HBO titles and don't mind paying for most of the decent on-demand movies (including old classic titles), then you may like it. I personally find that I barely use it because of those 2 issues.
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