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May 20, 2006
My neighbor just got his dishing it up 4 receiver install. Here is what the tech did.
He put the dish on the house peaked it and brought in the cable to the 1st tv. So far fine.
Now get this, He runs the other 4 wires around the baseboard in the house around the doors so they cant close to the other 3 receivers. Runs short of cable and tries to mount the reciever up on top of a hutch so the cable will reach but in the process of trying to connect the cable he drops the receiver on the floor. Puts it back up on top of the hutch and connects the receiver. Now the receiver is broke. He gets mad and tells the customer that is all he can do and dish isn;t paying him to put in 4 receivers and leaves.
What would do in a case like this. I told him to call dish and they scheduled a return appointment and the same guy came and told them he would not do anything more as he is not getting paid by dish to fix it.
I went over and helped him reroute the cable in a normal way and all is ok that way, but the receiver is still dead.
Dish claims the install company has to replace the receiver and they claim it was defective and will not pay for it.
I think dish is out to self destruct. We are a small town of 700 people and now everyone knows what a terrible their installers are the I doubt any more dish installs will be done here.
Have him e-mail ceo@dishnetwork.com. Give them the name of the company and the name of the installer that did the work. Attaching and taking photos of the receiver and the work they did would be very helpful. They can withhold payment.

I would call E* & tell the installer to come back & pick up their $h!t, it is all going to be in the front yard

Then Dish will charge for the rest of the hardware as well when it gets ruint. Best thing to do is to contact Dish and tell them what those people done then those people will get a chargeback.
Sounds like you've got an installer who doesn't want to be in business. Help him out. Of business. If you're in that small of a town, then you must have like... zero local installers. I'm guessing he was from out of town. Quite frankly, what he did has almost no impact on DishNetwork as a whole. That guy could have JUST as easily been working for DirectTV or your local cable company. Just make the phone calls you can, and Dishnetwork will follow up on it and charge-back the guy so he gets paid ZERO.

As far as replacing the reciever, it is 100% the responsibility of the installer to replace it. Even if it is defective. Even if it had purple goo oozing from the vents when it was opened brand new out of the box. Even if it exploded when they plugged it in. They must replace it. Then it's THEIR JOB to execute a return authorization on the reciever and get their credits back from Dish. You shouldn't have to worry about a reciever that was Dead On Arrival (DOA).
Well installers are going to differ from state to state! Some are going to be better than other's so if folks have a bad install its really the installer's fault. If you had a bad install make sure to call Dish due to they do keep track of this. That way they know what installers are out there in your area our doing bad installs. If your not happy call them they should be able to get you taken care of and get someone out there who can do a better job. That the issue everyone runs into sometimes is that you have installers out there for Dish or Direct that really don't know what their doing at all times. Either way give them a call or E-mail that way they are aware of the issue.
Yes - Please make Dish aware of this botched job. Otherwise they won't know to take any action to get this guy and possibly his company off the job and out of other peoples' houses! There is absolutely NO excuse for this kind of performance, but it unfortunately happens. Your neighbor has the power to help make sure this sorry excuse for an installer doesn't get a chance to botch any more...
Don't the company Dish Network installers do that kind of job also?

How timely. I was JUST going to post that, despite the horror stories on this board, I may indeed own the distinction of having the absolute worst install in the history of the world (or at least North America). :) TWO DISH NETWORK EMPLOYEES (one supposedly a SUPERVISOR) were actually so lazy that they used my NEIGHBOR'S dish instead of putting a separate one up for me. I was entitled to two dishes; one at 61.5 the other at 110/119 (or is it 101/119, I forget). Since they could use the old mount from my D* Phase III they obligingly put up the first dish but apparently didn't want to be bothered with the second so they just hooked into my neighbor's 61.5 but peaked it for me so my neighbor lost signal. Needless to say my neighbor found out and repointed the dish so I lost my signal, which is when we all found out what had happened.

E* DID send someone else out (NOT one of their employees) who "mounted" another dish with only two bolts so it's due to come down soon but I was so glad to get my HD back I didn't notice or say anything.

You can't make this stuff up!

Great story NLK! Sometimes I love this line of work. When I started, I assumed ANYONE could do it. It's so brain dead easy, requires no education, and the most work you have to do is crawl or lift/climb a ladder. But as the years go by, I hear more and more stories about guys who for some reason beyond my reconing cannot manage to install a dish.

I'm probably at the 1500 install mark about now...
Doesn't a customer have to sign the work order saying the installation was completed satisfactorily?

In this case, did he?
Great story NLK! Sometimes I love this line of work. When I started, I assumed ANYONE could do it. It's so brain dead easy, requires no education, and the most work you have to do is crawl or lift/climb a ladder. But as the years go by, I hear more and more stories about guys who for some reason beyond my reconing cannot manage to install a dish.

I'm probably at the 1500 install mark about now...

Yea, well, it gets funnier the more time passes. And, while it may be easier than a lot of jobs installing a dish still requires that the installer have some integrity and pride in their work. If you work for a living you should be respected and do a workmanlike job. Apparently those commodities are in short supply. :)

And mrschwarz, if your post was in reference to my experience, then yes, you DO have to sign off on the job. You make a valid point in retrospect, but consider this: I've got two E* employees telling me that the satellite dish is E*'s property and they can hook into it if they want. I asked if there would be interference between the two parties and they insisted that there wouldn't, and if you think about things, it makes sense (at least to me since I wasn't paying anything for the install). Why NOT use the neighbor's dish and economize on space (as long as he doesn't decide to take it down). Only later did I learn that the kind of LNB that was installed required that my neighbor's dish be repointed so that I could get a signal. Let's face it: if there were problems with the install that I could see I would not have let them get away with it, but the technical stuff is supposed to be THEIR job. I already HAVE a job. :) And experience is wonderful: I'll know both for myself and anyone else who might ask that you don't hook into anyone else's dish.

Actually, my post was referring to the original post on the thread. If everything was working on your install, you would have no way of knowing that the installer did it wrong.

I had a couple of problems with my install, but they did not become apparent until a few days later. I signed my work order, but only after making sure the wires were run where they were supposed to in a neat manner and all the recievers were working. My installer also made sure I knew how everything worked.

If you have a receiver that doesn't work and wires running through the house so doors don't close, that's a different story.
Sorry 'bout that, I wasn't sure and I thought about not responding at all but if by some chance you WERE referring to me that could be taken the wrong way. :) I know I'm not the OP.

It really is a shame that some people are put in the position of having to argue with an installer because of a totally unacceptable workmanship. I understand E* doesn't pay much but there should be SOME standards and running the wires through doorways falls below even THOSE. Frankly, I don't know how ANYONE who does installs for a living could work like that. I mean, have SOME pride in what you do.

Hi all!! Dish is a great company, but a large company sometimes your going to get a bad egg. you shouldnt let that spoile it for everyone. please post what areas your in maybe there is something i can help with ,
There is bad installers on both sides of the fence, company guys and retailers. Personally I take a lot of pride in my work and feel that every job reflects on my reputation personally. I installer mostly for an installer, but we also do quite a few referal jobs through Dish.

I definately think a bad installer/company should be called on their work and held accountable for that. To the OP, make sure your neighbor calls dish, emails the ceo email and let them know the experience, they should send someone else out to fix it, and make sure the installer/company doesnt get paid for the botched job.

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