WS International Dual C band & Quad Ku Band LNBF - Release (1 Viewer)

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Mr Tony

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Nov 17, 2003
Mankato, MN

It's sad that you try to use every opportunity to say something negative like this which has nothing to do with reality.
interesting considering how many times have I answered your questions?? Yep I guess every time I say something its negative :rolleyes:

Which means for me, I no longer have to comment on any of your posts.
huh, like a lot of people do to you then :)

edit: I decided to remove most of the rest of my post because I'm not going to sit here and get in a pissing match for no reason

I am proud to make Satelliteguys my home and the FTA area is the best one out there IMO. And I bet others agree :)
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Sep 3, 2004
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Smiley face or not, very uncalled for comment..... Period.

I back up Ice 100% on his observation. Some sharing is best in a PM rather than a public forum!

Why don't you guys take this offline! Too much negativity on this forum recently (from several parties).....

How much R&D costs in CN to mod a LNB? I can see already how the design should look like. One or two people work for a few months. :) How can users now justify having 2 C-band dishes just because Robby doesn't want to work on the combo LNB? Now that they learned the idea, they will never forgive if you won't deliver fast. :D
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