WS International LNBF DMX241

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I ordered this LNBF as I was having issues receiving DVB S2 transponders on my Pansat 9200, with the LNB that I currently had (one of those Chinese made C/KU combos from WS International Imitators) Notice that I said Imitators (the chinese lnbs) as that’s what they truly are. The WSI LNB did what they could do and then some! After ensuring that My focal point was set (in fact I was allot closer than what I thought) This LNB brought me a 10 point to 15 point increase on my weaker Transponders. Over at 137 Degrees this LNB made it so I could actually receive the satellite. I could not lock onto Nasa with any other LNB but this one did the Job at a 84 Percent signal Level and locked in Nasa at 24-37 percent quality, with very minor pixilation. Normally it takes me at least 40 percent signal quality to lock. Not bad for a bird that is 21 degrees up there and is the lowest bird I can get in my arch before trees and other stuff becomes a factor. In fact I think this one is shooting through a tree as the signal fluctuates with the wind.

Over all I would recommend this LNBF to everyone as it certantly does the job. While, It didn’t solve my S-2 problem, I did get one step closer on it, as I did lock on to RTN over at AMC3 with great signal and quality. My pasnsat wouldn’t play nice with it especially with the new software update. But……. I think I have a solution for that (can you say Blindscan!), Later on this week. Stay Tuned for that review when that item comes… Got to leave a teaser

I'll have more signal readings from the arch in a bit! :)
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