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Well folks...

I have been putting off upgrading us to the latest version of Xenforo (our forum software) for a long time now. And have come basically to the point that we MUST upgrade.

I have been fooling around with the new software, and I think I will be making an executive decision to upgrade the site to the new software.

I have decided while I have a beta site up and running, I am not going to prep it and get everything working there, instead I am going to make a temporary basic style and once I am happy with that, I will upgrade the software here put in the temporary style (and only the temporary style) then put us back online and will work on things over time. We will get the important things working first, such as Tapatalk.

This way we have minimum downtime, and I won't have to reinvent the wheels twice.

Let me know your thoughts on this.
Got to be honest in thinking about this, the longest part of the upgrade will be the prep before the upgrade.

1) I have to remove all the add ons we have installed here before upgrading (while I can keep the old ones installed, they won't work, and if I remove them after we upgrade to 2.x it won't remove all the old garbage from those plugins from the database.)

2) Restoring everything and creating a backup of everything we have now before I make any changes to anything, this way we can fall back if we have to (but again I did this upgrade a few times today and it went flawless... (knock on wood)

Uploading all the files take a long time... but the actual upgrade itself it didn't take that long. Meaning our down time won't be that long. :D

I like this idea. And I can keep working on things once the site is upgraded.
Here are all the add ons for Xenforo 2.x

We have purchased a number of them already. (I will have to go through them) but if you see anything, let me know. :)

XenForo 2
I am shooting to do the update on Sunday Morning.

I think the longest part of the entire thing will be removing all the old add ins. And doing a database dump before i remove those add ins just in case.

When we move over we will be using the default new Xenforo 2.0 style but will change the logo to a SatelliteGuys logo.

Again once switched over we will then work to add things to the system. With the most important ones going in first (such as Tapatalk support)

Again some features we are used to such as Multiview will not be available on the new system, since they were never made for the 2.0 system. Will will try our best to install what we can. When we moved to Xenforo origionally most of the add ons were free, now with 2.0 most of them you have to pay for, with the prices going from $9.99 to the most expensive being over $200. Thanks to some of our Pub Members, when we first looked at moving to 2.x they helped buy a number of the important add-ons, and for that I sincerely thank them.
Do we need to do another fund raiser to get the add-ons that SatGuy's needs?

No. please.

Not yet anyways. As I said we purchased most of the important ones already, so we are on a good start. Once we get everything in, we can see what if anything we will need from there.

I appreciate it though. Thanks!
I think the longest part of the entire thing will be removing all the old add ins. And doing a database dump before i remove those add ins just in case.

Why don't you start removing the add-ins on Saturday until they're all gone? I think we can survive a day without them. :hiding

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