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XM announced a new programming lineup today. I am very disapointed to see that On The Rocks is leaving XM's lineup.

The announcement of these changes are very disapointing.

I think its time for some management changes at XM.

Here is the info.


We're enhancing our programming lineup to give you more music, more sports and greater choices than ever. On August 2nd, we will be revamping the Latin Neighborhood to include more vibrant music choices, creating a new Lifestyles Neighborhood, and adding college sports channels that will include game coverage for the ACC and PAC-10. This change affects some existing channel numbers, so be sure to read below.
From pulsating Latin Pop hits on Alegría to the regional Mexican and Tejano flavors on Aguila, new vibrant beats are coming to the Latin Neighborhood. The Latin Jazz of Luna will move into the Latin Neighborhood from XM 75 to XM 95. All three join the Tropical music on Caliente - XM 94 to round out XM's Latin Neighborhood.

Alegría - XM 90 - Latin Pop Hits
Latin Pop hits with a mixture of Rock guitars, Caribbean percussion and eclectic alternative sounds. The continual synthesis of sounds from the Americas mixing Blues and ranchera, pop and tango, rock and vallenato, cumbia and hip hop. Alegría will replace XM's current Latin Pop Hits channel, Caricia - XM 91.

Aguila - XM 92 - Regional Mexican
Ultra contemporary, yet traditional and classic, Aguila is a fluid, ground-breaking blend of folksy norteño sounds, pulsating cumbria rhythms, soulful banda horns, thumping tejano, sentimental rancheras and much more. Warm and sensuous, Aguila has a unique regional Mexican Flavor all its own.

College Sports Channels
College sports channels will be added to the Sports lineup on Channels 180-187. The college sports channels, including the ACC and PAC-10, will broadcast college football and men's and women's basketball games to listeners, fans, and alumni across the country starting later this summer.

As the season nears, games and schedules will be posted on collegesports.xmradio.com. (Schedules subject to change.)
Channel Order Changes
Starting on August 2, the following XM channels will be moving Neighborhoods and will have new channel numbers:

Channel Neighborhood New # Old #
Fine Tuning Lifestyle NEW! 76 49
Audio Visions Lifestyle NEW! 77 103
Luna Latin 95 77

NOTE: There is no need to adjust your presets! If you have a preset set to one of these channels, your preset will automatically update to its new channel number on August 2.
Discovery Channel Radio and Bloomberg Radio
Starting on September 1, we will be changing the broadcast times of Discovery Channel Radio - XM 161 and Bloomberg Radio - XM 129. These channels will keep their current channel numbers.

Discovery Channel Radio will be available from 6PM to 5AM ET on the weekdays and all day on Saturday and Sunday. Bloomberg Radio will be heard Monday through Friday from 5AM to 6PM ET.

Channel Mon - Fri Sat - Sun
Discovery Radio 6PM - 5AM ET All Weekend
Bloomberg Radio 5AM - 6PM ET N/A
On August 2,

* Boneyard - XM 41 will become an XL* channel.

* Ethel - XM 47 will no longer be an XL* channel.

* Caricia - XM 91 will be replaced by XM's new Latin Pop Hits channel, Alegría on XM 90.

* To accommodate these changes and the new programming, On The Rocks - XM 76 will be leaving the XM lineup.

*XL channels may include frequent explicit language.

When you turn on XM on August 2, 2004, your radio may need a few minutes to receive the updates from our satellites. During this time, what you hear may not match what is displayed on your radio. Please do not change channels during this time, it will only delay the update to your radio receiver.
Once the update is complete, your radio will function properly. And remember, if one of your presets is set to one of the channels that is moving, don't worry; your preset will automatically update to the new channel number.
First it was Special X that was killed now its On The Rocks.

Also is the silly 80's cable tv mentality if sharing channels for parts of the day (ie Bloomberg in the day and Discovery Channel at night and on weekends.)

I actually like listening to Discovery Radio in the mornings, (They have American Chopper on in the mornings) now I can't because it wont be there.

I was really excited because a friend at XM told me some new channels were coming, however now with them announced I am very disapointed. Looking at XMFan and XM411 I see that most peoples reaction is the same as mine.

My question is what the hell is going on at XM?

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