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Nov 18, 2003
Had a 12-5 install window. Tech called at 8:30 that morning asking if he could come right away, I of course say sure. He shows up at 11:00 with D1000 and DPP44.

Takes down my SW64, takes down my main 500 (pointing at 110 and 119) and puts up the D1000, peaks 129 I guess using 43/121 instead of 43/116 as I had figured out before he arrived. Even after I tell him his numbers are a little off, he insists on sticking with them.

I let him know that I'm concerned about getting a weak signal on 129 and having problems. He seems unconcerned.

I ask him how long he has been installing for DN. Turns out, I've been waiting for my install for longer than he has been installing, 3 weeks.

He hooks up the DPP44, attaches the needed RG6 (I already had 3 runs going into my house from my previous self install, so no need for him to run more cable). We go inside to do a check switch and only 129 is there, no 110 or 119. He calls his boss who tells him to change some cabling around, which he does. Now, we run the check switch again and see 129 and 119 but no 110. Calls his boss again, both scratching their heads now.

After a bit of talking, this duo deduces that the DPP44 is bad and since I only need two receivers active, 622 and 508 just for a few days until I feel safe that the 622 is going to work, I don't even need a switch at all. No DPP44, not even DP34, which he has on is truck. He loops two lnbf's together and outputs two runs from the twin, or duo or whatever it is. We go in and run a check switch which fails. He reboots and runs the check switch again, which works this time.

This has all taken about 3 hours. As soon as he sees the check switch success, I think he sensed a fire in the house or something, because he was out of there so fast, it was all I could do to get him to make the call to DN to activate the 622. He took a picture of the 508's signal strength (which was way higher than the signal on the 622) and was gone.

I perused the guide for maybe 2 or 3 minutes when I get a warning of switch failure. I check the switch and failed the test. Turned unit off/on (no reboot) and ran the check switch again, with success. Been about 18 hours now without a problem.

Am I safe? Is this install done correctly? Does the 622 ever shut off? I turn both TV1 and TV2 off but the screen saver is still there saying, 'hit select to continue'.

If I don't even need a switch, why does DN make such a big deal about them? If anybody has any input or suggestions, I am all ears.

The installer was a nice guy, but I would have preferred somebody who knew wtf they were doing, especially with these new receivers.

Thanks all,
George -bub

Also, I have a thread over in DVR section asking how do I create two timers to run at the same time from the TV1 location. I would appreciate some help there as well, thank you.


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Sep 4, 2005
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The newer receivers never really switch off, they run in standby mode just like a PC, so you will get this screen. It stays in standby because at 3, by default, in the am it downloads the epg.
The switch is really only needed if you have more than 2 receivers. or more than the d1000 sats needed, e.g add 61.5 or have a superdish for locals. You only had 2 recievers and the dish 1000 so dont need the dpp44, however if you add a 3rd receiver then you will need a switch.

Hope that helps


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Apr 22, 2005
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The DPP Twin has a built in switch, so when he "looped" the other LNB into the Twin, he did it properly.

As mentioned, W/ a dish 1000, no need for a switch, unless you want to add a 4th satellite location, or want more that 2 receivers.

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