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Discussion in 'WION' started by radio, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Check in here from around Ionia County with your backyard temperature or conditions! We often hear from Muir, occasionally from Saranac, but...there are so many "bergs" and "4-corners" that we'd love to hear from, and all it takes is a click on this forum! We'll add your temperatures and conditions to our morning show weather updates and build a more accurate look at weather in Ionia County. (not to mention having some fun comparing.)
  2. 14 degrees and about 2" of fluffy snow this morning at the WION studios for a Saturday.
  3. Yeah i know not Ionia but its21 degrees here at the SatelliteGuys Headquarters in Newington CT.


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  4. Don't throw rocks at me guys, (lol) but down here in Cola. S.C. it was 29° at 7 this morning, going to a balmy 56. Still a little chilly at 37.
  5. We don't mind non-Ionia here! Thanks for posting! I hope eventually to have a check in from every state listening to our feed! It'll be fun chatting about this on the morning shows to come!
  6. 56F right now at 940am local time.
    Reaching mid to upper 70s.

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  7. Glad to see the participation here! If you include your town's name, we may have some fun with it on the air during the weekday mornings!

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  9. It's 29 deg right now in Agawam Ma:). been swinging between 50"s the other day to about 10 deg.
  10. 30F and light snow here in Newland NC.Supposed to get about 5" by tomorrow.
  11. Keep checkin' in folks, and remember, if you regularly check in with Satguys, we'd love to have some temps in the early morning (6-9EST) to pass along and highlight your town on our "small town" station. Yes, only my county and those on the 'net feed will hear, but it's fun to know you're along with us for the ride! (listening.)
  12. Overnight was minus 1.4 here.....thank goodness for "sleeping in" on the weekend and not getting up early! At least we're in positive digits now!
  13. 8 with a windchill of -6 here near the Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake, MN
  14. At 9am local its 60F with no wind.
    @ Chatsworth California

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  15. Wow we have warmed up to 32F!Got nearly a foot of snow though.

    Newland NC
  16. Minus 4.5 in our parking lot this morning!!!! BRRRR
  17. Its a nice brisk 23 degrees here in Connecticut. Winds out of the WNW at 2.3 MPH. Chance of a light dusting of snow this morning before 11.
  18. Some of the WION threads are quite interesting...even for a non-radio guy like myself. However, can we change the background colors scheme? Perhaps it's just me, but my eyeballs practically jump out of their sockets when I come from another SatelliteGuys forum; gray/white isn't an easy transition on my eyes. Just my two cents.

    And now back to your regularly schedule WION radio discussions... :)

    Hey, did the text just turn red during my posting?
  19. Good Morning, early risers!
    Any Thursday morning temperatures today?
  20. Its a cold 20 degrees here, and with the Wind Chill it feels like 16 degrees.

    We are under a BLIZZARD WARNING here in Connecticut and are expecting anywhere from 16 to 24 inches between Friday and Saturday. Guess I will stay inside and listen to WION alll weekend. :)

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