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    No baseball on Sirius, who is actually to blame?

    I believe some contracts were renegotiated (NFL, NASCAR on Sirius and NBA and Golf on XM) to allow their content to be cross broadcasted in the "best of" packages. Since the "best of" packages were primarily comprised of sports and premium programming, I assumed that the package cost was to help...
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    No baseball on Sirius, who is actually to blame?

    I believe that MLB would not allow Sirius to carry it because the contract was negotiated with XM based on potential listener volume and the merger greatly increased that. So MLB wanted more money much the same way the NCAA won't allow XM to carry the NCAA tourney. Both contracts were...
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    Report: NBCU-Comcast Will Likely Look OK To FCC, DOJ

    Gotta love those "confidential" reports that are splattered all over the internet. LOL
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    Dish Network to Carry 80 Channel Racetrack Network

    I wonder if these are the same tracks that are carried by TVG except they don't go from track to track they are dedicated? Are they allowing OTB? I've watched and used TVG on D* a few times but just couldn't get in to it. Nothing like losing my money without ever leaving my couch.
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    New HD on channel 632

    IIRC...the bonus cam has been available for several years now. They hid it way up in the 1000's. The catch was that it was only available to subscribers that were in the YES RSN market. It was not available out of market. Let's hope that has changed. :)
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    Recording DVR Content to DVD Recorder

    I have made recordings to my DVD recorder from my DVR. I go out from S-Video and Left/Right analog audio on DVR to the S-video in and left/right audio in on DVD recorder. Then I go HDMI from DVD recorder to TV. To verify, set your TV tuner to the input from your DVD Recorder and then start the...
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    FTC Sues Echostar For Do Not call List violations.

    While the calls may not have come from Dish Networks corporate offices, if they have come from "authorized" retailers who are empowered as authorized agents of Dish Network, it may have some merit. Though I would think this is very much a gray area. And while Dish may throw the blame at the feet...
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    700 WLW Off XM Today

    More info....
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    700 WLW Off XM Today

    ya know...that IS WLW!! I haven't listened to WLW like I used to because the Reds are already on XM through the MLB. But here in Indiana we get WLW OTA and that is WLW.
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    700 WLW Off XM Today

    Must have been only WLW. The rest of the Clear Channels are still up.
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    700 WLW Off XM Today

    Yep....I forgot they had been using WLW's news feeds.
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    700 WLW Off XM Today

    I listen to my XM here at work. And at's still there.
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    700 WLW Off XM Today

    Considering that the pic Scott put up came from WLW's own website, they would have you believe that this is a SiriusXM decision. That may or may not be true. But I think the writing has been on the wall for a while now that the CC channels were eventually going to go away. I'm just not sure when...
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    DirecTV HR2x Mass Lockups overnight 10/6

    Make sure you give your receiver some time. I have an HR-20 and 21 and they both took about 15 minutes AFTER resetting to come up and get going and probably took a good 5 minutes or so before the lights came on and stayed lit.
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    XM Removing Some Channels from DirecTV

    As far as XM is concerned, this only affected their ONLINE lineup through XMRO. None of those channels have been on the SatRad's for years as has been mentioned. The only change XM has made recently to their radio lineup was the addition of Fox Business Net at 128 this past Monday. I saw a list...