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    1000.4 Signal Issues

    With DP Plus technology the "plus" aspect of the system all has to work right. What I mean is that if the DP Plus LNB isn't working quite right then that will affect how the seperator does its job...or vise-versa. A glitch in one spot can cause something glitchy elsewhere. I've had to replace...
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    I have noticed it watching football games. It's very brief, and only happens occasionally, but I noticed it does not happen during commercials or the pre/post game part...I don't think it's a fault within the residential system itself. I think it is in the uplink.
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    Difference between 5.4 and 5.3 remote

    Oh! Oh! I know...the difference is 0.1! Sorry...just couldn't help myself. :D
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    Options for better 129 signal strength

    As an existing western arc customer you would not be able to switch to eastern arc. Do you use the 1000.2 dish with the triple LNB, or do you have a two dish system (one dish for 119 & 110, second dish for 129)? If you have the two dish system, you perhaps could relocate the 129 dish. Come...
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    Contemplating Directv - history of bad DishNet service

    Sorry, I missed that part. I agree. That is true, but for some of antenna upgrades there is no "tech visit" fee, yet it still requires a tech visit. Wonder why?
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    Contemplating Directv - history of bad DishNet service

    I contacted Retail Services a while ago. I was wrong....sort of. Even if it IS a dishnitup (upgrade) the same rule applies...a $15 "tech visit" fee for those with the service plan, and $95 for those without the service plan. So it applies regardless of whether or not it is a service call or...
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    Contemplating Directv - history of bad DishNet service

    It's my understanding that the $95 fee is for a service call for those who do not have the service plan, and $15 for those who do. Unless I am really mistaken, an upgrade (a "dishnitup") is not a "service call", so the $95 fee should not apply.
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    Who to contact for Complaint?

    Were you talking to DISH...or to a retailer (who sometimes present themselves as "DISH"...which they aren't supposed to do)? What number did you call?
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    Someone please help me point the stupid dish.

    10,500ft? Heck, just get a ladder and hook up directly to the satellite itself! ;)
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    New satellite setup, is this equip compatible?

    Yeah, that'll work. The VIP222K is an MPEG4 reciever, but it will handle both MPEG4 and MPEG2 signal. The 1000.2 dish will pickup the 119,100 & 129 whichis MPEG2. A combo that would not work would be the 1000.4 dish (MPEG4) with a non-VIP (non-HD) reciever such as a 322 or 311, etc. which are...
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    fee payment options

    I don't think you can pay annually while you're under a 24 month agreement.
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    Dish Does Not Care for my $130/m, Would Rather have $15 One Time

    There is a difference between a "dishnitup," which is an upgrade consisting of a receiver and possibly a change in the dish, and an antenna upgrade. I think what happened is an issue of semantics. There is no charge for the antenna upgrade per say, but there is a tech visit fee of $15. If you...
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    Dish Network must hate returning Customers

    I'm a retailer, and I do find this somewhat odd. I have had past customers come in who had been out of the system long enough that they qualified as new customers. AND I have had previous customers come in who qualified as former customers and got former cutomer promotions. I'm not for sure...
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    Who owns my Dish Network Equipment?

    The diaper-answer..."depends." Did you purchase the equipment? If not, the equipment belongs to DISH and will have to be returned. Contact DISH, they can tell you. Before you cancel your account, call and ask about being put on "pause." That way when you get back you will not have to go...
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    Satelite 129 problems on dish 1000.2 Vip 211 tuner

    Boba is probably right, it probably is a software issue. The download will enable the receiver to look for and recognize the 129 orbital location. The software in the receiver determines what it will look for and recognize. First, check the cable from the dish to the receiver. Having the...