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    U700 software for hopper with sling

    Update for my issues. Last night ran into same problems. Paused a recorded show and when we went to resume, nothing would work. Unplugging twice did no good. I got a conversation with Dish chat going. They had me plug the HWS into the wall socket rather than my surge protector and according to...
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    U700 software for hopper with sling

    Well so far I have to say unfortunately I received U700. Let me list my issues so far. Slow as molasses, even slower than before. Start watching a recording and can’t stop it, switch to another channel or do LiveTV it just kept running the recording. Had to pull the power plug and wait. I...
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    U239 - HWS

    Just noticed I got U239 early this morning. So far I don’t see anything different.
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    Official SatelliteGuys CBS / DISH Dispute Thread

    Just got the crawl tonight during the news on CBS KPIX here in the Bay Area. Here we go again. I live in a valley and get no OTA. Only watch the local news and Survivor on KPIX. With so much alternative programming out there don’t let the door hit u on the way out CBS.
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    Problem watching premium channel recordings from free preview.

    Just yesterday I watched the first four episodes of Game of Thrones season 4 that I had recorded years ago during a free preview and they played fine. I have a HWS with the new CUI. Maybe those recordings are old enough to not be effected. They were recorded when season 5 was debuting. I also...
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    DISH Hopper Carbon UI Testing Forum - PLEASE READ!

    LOL, my wife has been complaining all day. She wanted me to wait on the update. I just wanted to get the complaints I knew were going come over with.
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    DISH Hopper Carbon UI Testing Forum - PLEASE READ!

    Did my two HWS this morning. Did them at the same time. 1st one took 30 minutes and the 2nd one took 25.
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    DISH Hopper Carbon UI Testing Forum - PLEASE READ!

    Got that this morning also. Quickly selected Remind Later. Made me think of all the people that don't follow this forum and have no idea of the storm coming.
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    S542 Hopper with Sling

    Thanks for the info.
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    S542 Hopper with Sling

    Just remembered something else. In diagnostics there a selection for Update. That may have been there already, I haven't been in diagnostics for a long time. I also didn't select it, not ready to force CUI on the household. If that's what it would have done. I didn't want to take a chance.
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    S542 Hopper with Sling

    Dish Anywhere on iPhone working fine for me watching HWS that has S542. I also forgot to add earlier that I have not received any email regarding CUI.
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    S542 Hopper with Sling

    I checked both of my HWSs and one of them got S542 yesterday and the other one is still at S541.
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    S541Old CUI Update Hopper with Sling

    Just checked and main HWS got S541 on 10/20 and my second HWS got it on 11/02. But nothing has changed like other people have said. So I've read this thread and looked around on the HWS, is S541 suppose to have the CUI? I've been warning my wife for a while of what may be coming.
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    Check your PPV Certificates

    Just checked my account. No certificates.