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    Satellite programming on Airbus and other airplanes

    And Frontier Airlines
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    Surround Sound?

    Miryokuteki, Unfortunatly the 322 does not have a DD (Dobly Digital) output, thus you cannot get 5:1 surround sound from it to you DD receiver. I believe the only way to get (current models) a DD unit these days is combined with a DVR, as far as Dish is concerned. If your interested, I have an...
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    DirecTV RCA DRD435RH Dolby?

    After bobas' response I had to call Good Guys again and confirm. In fact that unit is NOT DD capible as boba reported. Thanks boba. I guess I will have to pay an additional $50 ($100 total) and have to get a DVR that they have that is DD capable ( RCA DIRECTVR10).
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    DirecTV RCA DRD435RH Dolby?

    I'm currently a Dish customer with a DD sat receiver. I'm thinking about changing to DirecTV (long story). The question is this: is the RCA DRD435RH Dolby Digital capable? RCA's website states only that this unit has a optical output and that it has digital sound but does does not mention...
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    Poll: Since VoOm is Alive, How many people wil switch to them?

    Although I do not have HD yet...I hope to select a plasma in time to sign up and take advantage of VoOms' special before the end of Feb.
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    Sad But True

    Get over it! Either pay you monthly fee or don't. When your screen goes fuzzy.....find someone else.
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    What can I get with an 18" dish???

    Thanks, Always looking for more free stuff.
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    What can I get with an 18" dish???

    I'm a Dish user with a local Dish as well, How to I (step by step) do the set up to view these "extra" channels. Mike
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    What about us who have pending installs....

    I agree....I called Voom and asked how this would change would effact my furture sign up and install and the;y told me that even they were unsure of what (might) change. But for now it is business as usual. I have until March 1 to take advantage of the promo....will see what shakes out up to...
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    Subscription---On The Fence

    Ok..Ok....I get the messege....I will go Voom.....but I need to buy a HD tv first....perhaps you all can point to a good forum...I'm already researching I guess the plasma is the way to go ( ready about the burn it problems). It must be HD built in chip for me.
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    Subscription---On The Fence

    Hi.. currently a Dish customer. Thinking about Voom. I think the current promo ($1) is fine but... Do I want to pay about $50.00/mo for the basic programming plan PLUS another $5/mo for rental for the receiver (or other receiver's). I'm paying 39.99 now with Dish, however not HD...
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    HD reciever advice

    Thanks for confirming my thought on this.....I will ask the following question hare and perhaps you could point to a better suited forum for this. What brand of HD ready TV would be well as format (LCD, plasma, DLP, CRT ect) room for a projector.
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    HD reciever advice

    Thanks for the reply....anyone else care to reply???????????
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    Just signed up for VOOM

    New Guy Desideing I'm currently a Dish customer, I have a dish (Dish) for the that considered OTA setup?
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    HD reciever advice

    Hello,I'm new to this forum but not to HT. I currently have DISH and a 60" Mits RPTV. I'm starting to get into the HD mode. From my limited research I have come to the conclusion that I should choose a HD READY set, from the cost standpoint. The answers/ideas that I would like to solicit from...