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    WCCB Charlotte Gone?

    I figure weather but wasn't sure if anyone else was having the same problem. Hopefully with it being in the 40s and sunny today, they can get it fixed. I missed Svengoolie last night.
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    WCCB Charlotte Gone?

    Yes I receive 6-1 & 6-2. Both signals are very strong. I tweeted WCCB but no response yet.
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    WCCB Charlotte Gone?

    Is anyone else having issues with WCCB's OTA signal not being there? I normally receive 18-5 (CW), 18-6 (Antenna), 18-7 (MeTV), and 18-8 (QVC). I am not getting anything currently. I am not sure if something happened to the transmitters or what. Thanks!
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    Pleased with Charter Internet

    Cap Has anyone had issue with the 250GB cap? Does Charter enforce that?
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    DirecTv and Sam's Club

    The Sam's discount is $10 off a month for 6 months for regular members and 12 months for plus members. I am a regular member so the referral would be better for me. Although both would be good.
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    DirecTv and Sam's Club

    I want to switch to DirecTv. Has anyone used the Sam's Club discount? Can you get the discount through or do you have to go through the club or call? Can it be stacked with the promos and a referral discount? Thanks
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    DISH Drops AMC Networks (AMC Back on DISH channel 131)

    I called today and was told they dropped AMC to save me money and that my only option was another provider. At least DirecTV is working on an agreement with Viacom and not telling their customers to "go to the other satellite company, cable, or where ever. We don't care." Oh well, I guess I...
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    Hopper Upgrades

    Would like a pm about a hopper upgrade. Thanks.
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    11/22/2011 7:01pm - Uplink Activity Report - 2 changes

    Why remove just the HD? The SD is still on.
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    Display Problem

    No problems with signal. Here is the odd (coincidental) thing. I had the receiver hooked to a netgear powerline adaptor. THat went out on Friday. I didn't have an issue all weekend while the box was not hooked to the internet.
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    Display Problem

    The DVR menu is visible after the reset. I believe it is always there just not visible. It seems to happen over night after the box has been off for a while.
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    Display Problem

    It is not a "No info available" situation. I wish it was. Again this morning, there are no displays that come from DN visible (the guide, the menu, the info screen, nothing). If i hit menu twice the screen coes blank (that would usually be the box info screen if I remember correctly). When the...
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    Display Problem

    I have an odd issue with my 622. Sometimes, none of displays from Dish Network will show, the guide or info for example. The channels work. Everything seems like it is working but I have to reset to get the DN information to show again. Anyone else had a similar issue?
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    Song Name Game Part 3!

    Anybody Seen My Baby - The Rolling Stones