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    Nearing the Point of Ordering Dish! Hopper 3 Issues?

    My experience with the hopper has been bad. Constant problems and no help from dish. It was their excuse to up the rates with a buggy piece of equipment.
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    Recorded shows keep interfering with live shows

    If I pause a show on a channel where I also have a recorded show saved, when I hit resume it goes to a message that says the recorded show as finished and forces me back to live tv which cause it to jump ahead and I lose all of the show I paused. The thing is that the recorded show has nothing...
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    Playback issues

    Netflix on the hopper is worthless.
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    Fed up with Hopper reverting to recorded show when I pause tv

    Hi, I mentioned this before and got no response so I will post the details again in hopes someone has a thought! Ok, so I am watching channel 205 from 3-6, I also have two shows set to record at 4 and 5. I am watching regular tv on 205, not the recorded show. Let's say I pause tv at 4:45, at...
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    When recording ends channel changes.

    Let's see if I can explain this. Watching channel 205. At five a program on 205 is set to record, remember I am already watching 205 before the recording starts. I have paused tv then go back to watching. When the recording ends I get a pop up telling me the recording has finished with the...
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    Hopper 3 goes to sleep at random times.

    My Hopper 3 goes to sleep regardless of what you are doing. It will go to sleep while scrolling the guide, watching a show etc. with no message. This happens all of the time.
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    HWS problem?

    Aside from the device failing you may want to see if a different patch cable helps. Is there anything new near the cable that could be causing interference? Power cords etc.
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    Update: inconsistent signal strength

    Couldn't figure out how to modify the subject of my previous post so this is an update! After more research I can see that the signal strength is fluctuation between 13 and 55. One hour it's at 18 then in a while it is at 54 then back to 22. The tech was out and saw the week signal but then...
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    Weak Sat signal After Switching To Hopper 3

    Hi all, I have had my Hopper 3 for a while now and most things are going ok. One issue I have now is the sat signals seem to be much worse than before (previously on 922). I know the installer changed the LNB and now I lose signal much faster and more frequently than before. I even told the...
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    Use existing external HD with Hopper?

    I switched my external HD from my 922 over to the Hopper 3 and no issues.
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    Hopper 3 / Netflix ui-113

    I tried the Netflix app when I got my Hopper 3 and the picture was crap. I went back to using the Roku. By far the best device for Netflix. It works better for Netflix that other devices I have tried, and that's a lot! Just my thoughts.
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    On-Demand Freezing and pixelation - DIRT please help

    I am getting much more pixilation since going to the Hopper 3. The LNB was changed and I suspect that.
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    Hopper 3 Keeps recording the same movie.

    No worries!! I had to look again in case I missed it!
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    Hopper 3 Keeps recording the same movie.

    Got the new "40" remote and it is the 186228!! It synced in a second and works perfect for what I need for the bedroom, second TV. I like this style for use "in the dark" it is real easy to know what button is what by feel, especially after using the 32 for so long. Looks like it came...
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    Hopper 3 Keeps recording the same movie.

    No record button on the 52!!