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    Dish 500 Install - Need Some Help

    Thanks for the info. It helped and everything is up and running.
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    Dish 500 Install - Need Some Help

    I installed my Dish 500 and 322 ( weekend cabin - carrying the 433 back n forth with me) - set up the elevation (28) Skew (122) and Azimuth (236 - which I did by GPS) but was able to only successfuly lock into a Spanish Satellite satellite. Any suggestions from anyone? Would buying a...
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    Dish 500 and 322 Receiver Questions

    I was given a 322, Dish 500 and 2 LNB's (1) DP Plus and (1) DP Pro by my brother - successfully had it activated on my account - and plan on taking it back n forth every weekend to our summer place. ( which they did charge me a $5.99 montly fee to add a 3rd receiver - already have 2 622's - is...
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    Dish Self-Installation

    Thanks Tony!
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    Dish Self-Installation

    Want to install Dish at our summer house and currently have an old DirecTV dish mounted on a pole in our side yard. I have a Dish500 and a 322 receiver that was given to me. Is pointing the dish an "easy" scenario or am I asking for trouble? Can it be done with just a compass or ...? Thanks.
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    Can this be right

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    Dish PrePaid Questions

    Thanks everyone. Any suggestion as to where to purchase the needed receiver and dish?
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    Dish PrePaid Questions

    Looking to add the prepaid service to our summer house - but not quite sure where to purchase/install in the Buffalo, NY area. Dish's site says Radio Shack - but of course they can't do the install. We currently have a pole sunk in the ground- with an old Direc TV dish ( 5+ years old) mounted...
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    No HD Content on New HD channels!

    Hey Light200, Do you really think Dish controls Hi-Def content? If so - you are sadly mistaken :confused:
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    SatelliteGuys.US DishNetwork Uplink Activity Discussion - Week Ending 12/22/2007

    The Swanni sayz...... The Swanni sayz...... EchoStar's Dish Network could be close to adding MOJO, the high-def network owned by a cable TV consortium. At the web site for Dish magazine, the programming guide for Dish Network, MOJO is listed as one of the Dish channels that will offer...
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    2 UHF remotes on a 322?

    I have (2) UHF remotes that I would like to use on my 322. Is this possible and if so how do I go about setting it up? Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.
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    SatelliteGuys.US DishNetwork Uplink Activity Discussion - Week Ending 12/08/2007

    ....adda boy just checking. Didn't want Santa to pass you by or anything. Ho ho ho!
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    SatelliteGuys.US DishNetwork Uplink Activity Discussion - Week Ending 12/08/2007

    Digi - simple question for you - how come virtually all of your responses to questons asked have a bit-o-sarcasm in them? You seem to be quite the knowlegeable person - but you have to remember that not everyone understands all there is to know about the satellite industry.....You should be...