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    New lower cost Streaming only plan

    Anyone know if SiriusXM 25% Military Discount is available for new SiriusXM Essential streaming package?
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    Sling TV Tests Fox-Anchored Multi-Stream Service

    The deal breaker for me and Fire TV is that it won't work with an IR remote. That means I can't use it with my universal remotes.
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    Sling TV Tests Fox-Anchored Multi-Stream Service

    I wonder why the new package does not include FOX news channel.
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    Weather Channel coming to sling by July.

    So, it's July 31st and still no Weather Channel. I wonder what's up with that.
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    What will Dish do about HBO?

    During the Apple dog and pony show of March 9, the HBO CEO said HBO Now will be exclusively available on Apple TV and Apple devices "at launch". Various reports indicate that after 3 months it will be made widely available on other platforms like Roku etc.
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    Sling TV

    In case anyone is interested. I am able to access WatchESPN using my Sling TV login credentials to authenticate. However, I have been unable to do the same for CNN.
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    SlingTV Invites going out tonight 1/26

    Got my invite email tonight at 6:45pm CST. I'm all signed up and checkin' it out on my Roku 3 now.
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    Dish's Over The Top Video Service Could Cost $20-$30

    I would sign up for something like this if I could get LIVE streaming sports, news and weather. I recently cut the cord ( dropped dish) and went with a 4-tuner TIVO Roamio for OTA and a Roku for streaming services like Netflix. A low cost internet streaming service subscription with DISH and...
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    Retailer Chat Recap 12/12/13

    I am doing the same but have also added a new TiVo Roamio to the mix for OTA DVR capability.
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    Stacking Components on Top of Hopper?

    Consider this, its not just the hopper that may overheat. Whatever you place on top of it will run hotter because of the heat coming off the Hopper and rising up into the box on top. Avoid stacking components, the resultant heat related problems are unpredictable.
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    DISH Reaches Long Term Agreement with DISNEY / ESPN / ABC

    I figure Dish would like to wrap up an agreement before they determine and announce their rate hike for next year. IIRC the rate hike usually occurs in February and is announced at least 30 days prior.
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    Can login, but My Programming gives error, back to login page

    Note to DIRT. I have this problem and have never had a DTV PAL on account. However, I did several years ago have a Dish Digital TV converter box on my account.
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    Can login, but My Programming gives error, back to login page

    I am having same problem as OP. Tried same things as him; clear cache, different browser, etc. No luck. Been going on for several weeks now. Sent e-mail to Dish tech support yesterday; awaiting reply.
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    Media General Stations Removed from DISH, Agreement Reached

    I lost WKRG 5 CBS in Mobile/Pensacola due to Media General Dispute. I have an OTA module on my Hopper. Oddly, I have guide data for the OTA subchannels (5-2 and 5-3) but no guide date for the primary OTA channel, 5-1. The primary OTA channel 5-1 is just a mirror of the "Important News- Press...