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    Deleting programming online

    When I go to the dish website, it's very easy to add programming, but I don't see any place to drop programming- do you have to call them???
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    Online bill details

    That's exactly what I did and this is what it showed when I did that.... Account Details Billing Date September 18, 2007 Account Number xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Previous Balance 77.82 Payments Balance $ 77.82 New Monthly Charge(s) 08/30 to 10/29 Account Charges $ Total $ 0.00 Total...
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    Online bill details

    When I log in into my account online, all I see is the total amount last paid. There is no breakdown of individual items and what I'm currently getting-i.e. AT250, HD, etc. How do I access that information? (This is the first month I've had dish).
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    722- 2nd remote not working well

    I've got a 722. Is there any way to improve the signal the 2nd TV remote is getting from the receiver? 722 unit is on the 2nd floor, secondary TV is on the 1st floor, aprox 40 ft away, straight line distance. Can the 2nd TV antennae be enhanced in some way?
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    How long til first bill comes in?

    I just started w/ Dish about 3 or 4 weeks ago and was wondering when I should expect to see the first bill come in the mail?
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    Qualify as a new customer?

    If it's been 4 or 5 years since I had dish, would I be considered a new customer? If not, what's the difference in what it would cost me to sign up for the dvr advantage (w/ 18 month commitment), at250, HD, locals?
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    Any charge for 2nd dish installation?

    I know that- my question is - is there a charge to install the 2nd dish?
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    Any charge for 2nd dish installation?

    I'm getting ready to have a 2 dish install. (One for 61.5 and the other for 110,119,118). If I'm signing up for the dh advantage w/ free installation, should that include free installation of the 2nd dish for 61.5 (I let them know I wanted the Pentagon channel, which is only on 61.5).
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    Fox sports south- how much ACC?

    How much coverage does fox sports south give to the ACC (just football and basketball)?
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    fox sports- extra cost?

    If you're subscribing to the at250, (I'm in NC) , is fox sports south HD included in the at250 package cost?
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    Best place to mount

    I wll probably be getting a 1000+ dish that needs to be near the bottom of the roof for line of sight. I have brick walls. Would a mount into the brick wall under the soffit be a good location (assuming good LOS there)? Are installers reluctant to go into brick walls?
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    Best place to buy from

    If I go with Dishstore will there be any problem getting a 2 dish setup in Raleigh, NC? (One for 110,118,119 and one for either 61.5 or 129)
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    Best place to buy from

    I'm planning on coming back to Dish and need a complete install. I'd like to deal with a place that would give me a 2 dish setup if I want it (in Raleigh). Is it better to go with a local buisness, online, or dish official site?
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    2nd TV w/ 622/722

    If you run a coax cable from a 622/722 to a 2nd TV, can the 2nd TV get all the same channels as on the primary TV?
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    Raleigh- 129 or 61.5?

    I'm thinking about coming back to Dish and have clear shot to both 129 and 61.5. (in Raleigh, NC) Is 61.5 that much stronger than 129 that I should insist on a 2 dish install, or just go with the one 1000+ dish??? (I've also got a clear shot to 110,119, and 118.75). Or, put another way, how...