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    Review: Azbox Elite HD FTA Receiver

    I'm intrigued by this box but I have a few questions that I can't find answers to. First, does this thing have the ability to pull EPG data from external sources like Schedules Direct? Also since it's able to connect to a network, can you remote into it and control it? to like program new...
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    AMC 21 is a true fta option

    Does anyone know of a schedule for the HD PBS channel up there? ALl I ever see is a test pattern color bars with the bouncing white box. :\
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    HD-4DTV ?

    Is there a real consumer grade HD 4DTV capable receiver out there? or something else that can become a HD receiver? And what's with all these DVB main uplinks now? Does anyone sell programming for those to consumers?
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    Primestar 84E/BSC621-2 LNBF Experiment

    I appear to have the same primestar dish that you do Dale, and I've also got a C-band LNB but I have apparently misplaced my scalar ring. I never got C-Band to work on it before anyway, but am intrigued by your approach. So are you saying that the metal lampshade, did or did not give you...
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    What dish is this? (Primestar)

    K, I've read numerous posts here and there seems to be some references to a primestar 82E dish and a 9-something dish? How do I know what one I have? I can tell you this about it, It's old. It's huge. (says 1 meter on the back) and it's more of the straight up and down egg shape than...
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    Microyal H2H motor problem

    K. Thanks for the help. I've contacted Microyal and they do have the ability to just send me a replacement board for it. It's only like $20 + shipping, so I think I'll go ahead and plan on doing that. Thanks again for all the help, and if anyone else ever runs into this problem where it moves...
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    Microyal H2H motor problem

    Btw here's a picture of it. "Who would have thought this little piece of junk could be such a big problem"
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    Microyal H2H motor problem

    Problem identified! It appears to be the relays on the logic board. I blindly just started hitting them with my multimeter probe (more out of frustration than anything) and then suddenly when I told it to drive east, the motor reversed and went! After discussing this with someone else they...
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    Microyal H2H motor problem

    K. I dunno if this is gonna help or not, but I took the motor apart, and inside I find this little board on the back of the motor itself. I ran power manually to the main motor contacts in both polarities and the motor spun both times. I can physically feel no resistance from the motor itself...
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    Microyal H2H motor problem

    yeah the receiver has been completely unplugged and plugged back in and no change. :(
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    Microyal H2H motor problem

    Hello again, I'm having an issue with my Microyal H2H motor. I've had it up and running for quite some time but then yesterday I tried to go to a channel on a satellite east of where it was sitting and it would not move to it. I tried another channel on a satellite west of where it was...
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    FREE Entry: Sadoun Invacom QPH-031 LNBF - Ending 8/31/2008

    I REALLY REALLY want to win. :) I've been wanting one of these for a long time and could really use it!
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    DVB Diseqc in Linux

    I have searched and searched but have not been able to locate any type of program for linux that has commands or options to drive a diseqc 1.2 motor manually. They all want to do USALS or use existing saved diseqc 1.2 positions. Using the stored positions is not a problem but what I want/need...
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    40" C/Ku - Band Dish

    Ok, I'm still not having any luck with my miniBUD setup. Just to clarify in case I just have the wrong impression of what exactly is possible here.. The MiniBUD *IS* or *IS NOT* able to get *DIGITAL* *DVB* signals? I'm with the impression that it could.. but I'm not finding that to be the...
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    120cm dish with C-Band performance - Now with HD!

    Still Having Problems. :( I still can't get this thing to work. I've tried everything, mounting the LNBF with the two side support arms of the primestar 1m dish, and also mounting it with only the center pole. I still am not able to get anything to register in terms of quality. Just to...