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    Win a FORTEC MERCURY II from Sadoun!

    FORTEC STAR Mercury II I would love to have the FORTEC STAR Mercury II as it has so many features that would make searching for digital signals a snap.
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    BUD 4DTV and FTA

    All you have to do to change the polarity is use the remote on the 4DTV and go up or down one channel. you do have to know what polarity the 4DTV is on when using smart scan.
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    Motorola hdd 200

    Ok thanks for the info. Back to the drawing board to find something that works on the FTA that does not cost like the Quail... Maybe there is no such animal. ft mesh dish c/ku motorola 922 Pansat 3500
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    Motorola hdd 200

    Will this work on any of the FTA stuff or can it even be hooked up to this unit
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    Motorola hdd 200

    I am interested in the HD stuff on the c band dish. Has anybody used this line doubler to receive the signals. I have seen ads but nothing on any review of it. ]:confused: 8ft mesh dish c/ku motorola 922 Pansat 3500
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    Zenith HDV420

    I am thinking of buying this unit to hook to my OTA antena and my C band dish to receive HD tv. does anyone have one or care to comment on the use of this receiver with my equipment listed below. WD0FNU 8 ft mesh dish C/KU feedhorn Motorola DSR922 Pansat 3500 FTA
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    HDTV on C band

    The PC card is not an option as I use a MAC
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    C-band equipment etc.

    I worked for a small cable co like you describe. My guess on what is inside the head is a amplified head end, racks of comercial type recievers that only are set up for 1 channel. comercial type VCII that likes to shut down. Depending on how long the co has been out of buisness the VCII may...
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    HDTV on C band

    I am not sure if this is right forum but I want to decode the HD stuff that is on C band. There is no local HD OTA so want to go this route. I have a 8 ft mesh dish set up for C/KU with a Motorola 922. I think I just need a tuner to feed into my LCD HDTV "ready" set. Any recomendations on this...
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    G10R question

    I have found the problem as was not getting any switching on the DISEqC switch. I am working on that and doing some research not sure that it is hooked up right. WD0FNU
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    G10R question

    I dont seem to have any better luck getting anything on there from the KU either. I do have good signle strength though
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    G10R question

    I keep reading about all the stuff up on this bird but I am not getting anything but the Outdoor Channel. Do I need cirular polarzation or am I doing something wrong. I have the Pansat 3500 and use the smart scan and on FTA only as dont need the scrambled stuff. 8ft mesh dish, Motorola DSR...
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    So how many hams view this forum??

    Back before the sat came along some of the hams were using moon bounce signals for comunication. I heard some of them on 2 but never did work any of them. I made the 8 element quagi from the handbook and was a great antena. I think would work for sat work now although have not tried it. WD0FNU
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    Looking for receiver manual

    My HTS 10+ died so have the manual for that. I also have a couple of working UHF remotes. I think would be compatible. Dale WD0FNU
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    software updates

    By the way I ordered a Pansat 3500s today and will hook it onto my C/Ku band 922. wish me luck.