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    How Big of a Dish Need to pick up all FTA on Ku-Band

    FaT Air: Saw the picture... Wow, how creative! Regarding my equipment, I've got one of those 6ft solid Fortec Star dishes and an LNBF with the following specs: I guess that I need a better LNBF, too. Thanks for all the feedback!
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    How Big of a Dish Need to pick up all FTA on Ku-Band

    Greetings! I have a 6ft satellite dish with a dual band LNB and I can't figure out why I still can't get all FTA on Ku-Band. I receive most frequencies (some very strong) but some come in very weak. Having a 6ft dish you would think thats big enough for all of Ku reception. Am I wrong? What...
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    Dish Alignment

    Hello Friends! I'm in the process of re-aligning my dish and need assistance with determining a strong transponder on a particular satellite. My highest elevated satellite on the arc is Brasilsat B3, which is at 75°W. According to Lyngsat, not all transponders have a beam to my location (I'm...
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    Issues with TP14 on 61.5

    Greetings. Anyone out there having signal issues on transponder 14 at 61.5 orbital slot? I have a DISH 311 receiver and the signal meter is bouncing from 0% to 60%, located in SE PA. All other transponders are fine and there is no obstruction to the satellite dish. Any help would be much...
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    Me Tv Chicago is going national

    I'm not sure when it officially started but I see it being aired sometime in the late morning or afternoon. Next time I see it on I will provide the exact time.
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    Me Tv Chicago is going national

    WHT on G16 airs Green Acres during the week so put your two week notice in now :D
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    Me Tv Chicago is going national

    Audio on MeTV1 just appeared as of 10:41PM ET. I think that my previous post had something to do with it :D
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    Me Tv Chicago is going national

    No audio on MeTV1 over here, just a test tone for now.
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    What Happened To My Family TV?

    Hello Friends! Sorry in advanced if this topic was covered already, but I was unable to search down anything on this. The signal on this channel used to be very strong on G3C but now I can't find it. Did it go away?
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    Intelsat 14

    Anyone out there having any luck locking in Canal Info News on Intelsat 14, 45 deg west (11675-V-1240). I've got an AZBox Elite and getting over 50% but can't get this one to come in. I manually added in the PIDs but can't get a picture. Its in DVB MPEG4 format, not sure if thats the problem.
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    Blind Scanning

    Hello Forum Friends! Just wondering how people are blind scanning out there. I have an AZBox Elite but use a Fortec Star Platinum for blind scanning. Normally when I blind scan I use either 4 or 6 increments but its taking tooooo long to get through the process. A typical scan takes up to...
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    DVB-S2 8PSK Signals

    Tron, You got it right. Its the fortec 6 footer with LNB sold by Sadoun. I've attached the specs of the LNBF on the first post. Looks like I'll need to invest in a seperate Ku-Band LNBF as you mentioned. Its gonna be a pain in the neck switching from C-band to Ku-band LNBF, something I'll...
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    DVB-S2 8PSK Signals

    BTW, shouldn't a 6 footer be picking the NBC mux on AMC 1 Ku? I'm on a mission to get this to work, no matter what it takes!!!:rant:
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    DVB-S2 8PSK Signals

    Thanks for the feedback. Guess I'll have to try harder. Once this format becomes mainstream I guess it'll be more difficult to catch C-band reception.