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    Dish Programming Changes (Effective August 1st)

    Well, you all must have paved the way, because I had no problem confirming that I would no longer be charged for the PlatinumHD. Carol S. kept saying "Absolutely Yes". esteps
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    Stupid new HD channels....

    Ah yes, another Voom fan. Now that Voom has vanished, all us fans are coming out of the woodwork.
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    Rude GloryStar Customer Support

    My, is someone sensitive today! Their response is "rude"??? esteps
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    Looking to get into fta

    Take a look at the SatelliteAV website. They have a motorized system for a great price. It worked for me! esteps
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    What Religious Channel Do you Want Added?

    I would like to have Sacred Favorites Radio (currently on Sky Angel). esteps
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    Sky Angel Plans to Charge Lifelong Subscribers for "Special Secular" Channels

    There's more than that-- 1.They ask if we currently use the subscription or not, or if we want to reactivate, or cancel our subscription. 2. Are we the original purchaser or subscriber, a family member, or if not, do we want the SA service? DISH does not ask me for my receiver/smartcard...
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    Sky Angel Plans to Charge Lifelong Subscribers for "Special Secular" Channels

    I agree there is something fishy about the letter. Its purpose is supposed to ask us if we want the additional four channels or not, but they are asking a lot more than that! esteps
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    Sky Angel Plans to Charge Lifelong Subscribers for "Special Secular" Channels

    Yes, I am afraid that with all the negative changes we are seeing with Sky Angel, I think when people discover KU, SA will be losing customers. Next week I will install a KU system from our sponsor, Satellite AV, and I will get lots of free religious programming, including 3ABN which was lost...
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    Combine DirecTV & FTA

    Perhaps this thread would be helpful: esteps
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    FTA/DBS Single Coax Line?

    Nice alternative--thanks! esteps
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    FTA/DBS Single Coax Line?

    The AB switch replaces the splitter, inside the house. There was no original objection to another run of RG6 coax. Prices vary depending upon what configuration you wish. esteps
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    FTA/DBS Single Coax Line?

    Yes, I have thought that an AB switch might be the best way to go. By the way, I will be purchasing and installing the Glorystar system this spring. Since I live just up the hill from you, can I pick up the system there in Roseville and save the shipping cost? esteps
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    FTA/DBS Single Coax Line?

    Great--and it looks like our sponsor (Sadoun) has everything I need. Thanks! esteps
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    FTA/DBS Single Coax Line?

    Greetings! I have a question-- Can a KU dish (AMC-4) signal be carried over the same line as a DBS (Sky Angel) signal? Perhaps with some kind of switch or diplexer? I currently have a DBS satellite dish connected from about 50 feet to my house receiver via a single RG-6 cable. I wish to...
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    HD channel not working

    Last night, my OTA local Sacramento channel 3 HD was also not working--the screen was black. If I get home tonight and it is still black, I will reset the receiver or rescan the channels. That usually fixes it for me. esteps