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    Openbox Openbox V8 Combo/Pro 1 Dec 2015 restart fault

    Hi all The Openbox V8 pro and Combo have a fault. They restart when you change channel. This started at 0:00am 1 Dec 2015 GMT. FIX 1: Temporary Change the Time settings from "GMT" to "User" and then change the Month from 12 to 10. This stops the restarts but there is no EPG as there is none...
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    OTHER X2 Premium HD PVR Satellite Receiver

    I just got my new S2 units from the iBox mini HD Plus unit starts up with "Openbox". Looks like it is a copy. I have just started to play with it but it was a pain to program...
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    Openbox Openbox S10 working with 45000 SRs

    Hi My older G4 camper dvb-s unit won't recognise the newer transponder signals at all. The whole transponder is in Mpeg4 but the sr's are still low. Only my HD units will pick up this new signal from Intelsat19 (169e). The amount of Mpeg4 now means that the old unit gets around half the Ku band...
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    Please explain?

    Just like last time I posted. This site is a mess. What is and where is WUT. There is no link from the old thread to WUT. Where is the list of rules for this site that tell me what I can and can not put up on these forums? Asked this last time and get next to nothing. If I could find the rules I...
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    Please explain?

    Can someone please explain where the thread I started about Intelsat18 has gone and why I now do not have permission to access that page.Owen
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    Vertical frequency channels

    Hi Mike. I had a the same problem and it was the cheap LNB's. Their zero marking was out by 40 degrees. By rotating them the problem solved. I also think some of these cheap LNBs don't switch V H anyway as they scan and find all the TP's in both V and H. I got one I'm taking apart to check this...
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    What are the rules?

    This site is nuts Please remove me from this site. I have tried to post and have had little sucess. it looks like I have posted but there is nothing there and I have had post gone. Please remove all my detials from this site Good Bye Owen
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    DiSEqC Dilemma

    Hi Debbi I too have a DVB-S2 micro HD unit that will not switch diseqc. The box and the manual say it is diseqc 1.3 which is not an approved standard. I have seen upgrade soaftware here at Sat Guys that looks to be a replacement for my exixting sotware. I hope thatwill fix the many problems my...
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    What are the rules?

    Thank for repling but none of that helps. What navychops link? The Sat Guys rules make no mention of urls and there is no sticker for rules at the top of this forum. This is the most cluttered forum pages I have seen. Owen
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    What are the rules?

    Hi Can you point me toward the rules for posting please. I tried to post twice now and the first time I was told I had too many url links, I had Two. It then vanished along with my time typing it. The next post just seems to have vanished. Owen I hope this one works.
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    DiSEqC Dilemma

    Hi Debbi I to have a DVB-S2 unit that does not switch diseqc. My box and manual say that my unit is diseqc 1.3 which is not a reconised standard. I have come to Sat Guys because they have updates for the software for a unit with the same software version number. I'm hoping that will fix the...