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    NCAA Bans Indian Mascots From Postseason

    projectorsrule pardon the language, but what your saying is that i shouldn't be offended if you were to call me a nigger? NOT SAYING THAT YOU WOULD! What i'm saying is that is that your point dictates to ME that i SHOULDN'T be offended, and that's ludicrous.
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    NCAA Bans Indian Mascots From Postseason

    I don't hava a problem with actual names of Native American Tribes like the Seminoles. What I do have a problem with is names like the "Redskins" . Also, all of you folks who are are complaining about political correctness are typical of the way most people think, wrongly I might add. It...
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    Competition Heating Up!

    of note... extra rooms are $4.00 each. The other tv is in the BR, which we mostly use for morning news and such, so I'll just split off, and run the cable straight into the TV. Also, I'm not unhappy at all with Dish Network, but that deal is just too good to turn down. I currently have...
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    Competition Heating Up!

    As a dish subscriber Comcast is offering me: 29.99 digital cable with HBO and Showtime 29.99 High Speed internet... FOR A YEAR for both. HD is 9.95 for channels and box. Pretty good deal, I say.
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    811 and OTA Signal Lock Problems

    Mkae sure you have 2150 mhrz diplexor. The diplexor i had from voom was 2050. I had to go to Radio Shack to find one that was 2150.
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    What about us Charter Members!

    forget a lawsuit You have no case. When companies go out of business, it's just tough luck. It may not be best for the consumer, but we live in a market economy and the market dictated that voom, as a satellite provider, just didn't cut it. Cablevision lost hundreds of millions of dollars...
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    Schematic for use of DP34 Switch?

    Does anyone have a schematic for hooking up the DP34? I'm thinking of adding the second 61.5 dish myself. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. I presently have an 811 box, and a 311.
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    It's Official - VOOM ON DISH NETWORK!

    I told You so! The folks at Dish are smart. They just became the NUMBER ONE provider of HD content. That's pretty impressive, you DISH haters have to admit. I'm sorry you Voomers are left holding your boxes, but I'm glad that this has worked for you guys and gals that stuck with Voom to...
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    Help - Program guide

    Is is just me, or does the program guide have to manually download every couple of days? Is there some setting that i'm missing to allow it to update itself? It's really annoying to go to view the guide and have to wait a minute for it to download. That's my biggest pet peeve with Dish Network...
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    BTW, people going to E*

    Also, the 811 also allows you to recieve your analog OTA feeds as well. This comes in handy if you don't want the second dish and you can get good reception. There is a PBS station in my area that does not yet broadcast digitally, and would be on the second satellite (which I didn't want). Since...
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    [VOOM] EchoStar eyes Voom programming

    Does anyone have anymore details about this?
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    I Got Out 7-Months Ago

    Smart Move! Bill: Smart move getting out when you did. JMD: Is that a picture of Bush? An American Patriot? Why was he too SCARED to go to Vietnam? He's what you call a Chicken Hawk. (just my opinion)
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    What Will Happen Now

    Hey, he got the satellite dirt cheap. $200 million for an up and running satellite is a STEAL!
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    Need Advice...

    Why Pay It?! They just cut you off at the knees!