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    COMCAST digital conversion installation

    I agree, get a power strip, make it a surge protector while you are at it. As for splitters, I like ChannelPlus. google the name, you'll find them all over.
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    Well, I cancelled Dish

    I cancelled yesterday. Got way to good of a deal with cable, but who cares. My experience with Dish was great. Yes they did try to keep me but when I said cable was installed they were not pushy at all. They are sending me a box for my 2 receivers, and was told I could put them in one box...
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    Well, I cancelled Dish

    Would it be cheaper to ship it back using a USPS Priority Mail Box? I would like to know, I will have a 522 and a 625 to return after tomorrow. Just wondering.
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    Thinking of switching from E*

    Hello all, My wife and I have been thinking about switching from E* to Uverse. She likes the idea of a whole house dvr, I just want to upgrade to hd. After looking at everything, I can get the phone, internet and UVerse (the 350 package ?) with HD for a slight savings then if I upgrade my...
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    Buying a receiver on ebay

    I ended up with a leased receiver once as well. Checked the # with E* and they said it was clean until I tried to activate it. I will say this, E* stepped up and exchanged the leased receiver for a refurb from them AT NO COST TO ME! I sent E* the leased receiver, along with the sellers info...
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    Adding Splitter for TV2

    Yes, that should do. Just go from your TV2 output (on the receiver) to the splitter. Connect one coax to one side, then send that to your new TV, another coax to your diplexer and all should be good. I assume you realize that all the TV's hooked to the TV2 will all show the same program.
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    dish network receivers

    Having a bad day?? Kinda surprised about the attitude :rant: ! He did ask a legit question. I kinda thought you gave a snippy answer, but thats just me.
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    Changed All Hardware - Still Can't Get A Signal!

    Do you have a digital multi-meter that will check for open and shorts? I've got a Radio Shack cheapy that has this feature on it. If you do, touch one lead to the stinger and one lead to the side fitting (disconnect from the LNB and receiver). If it sings, you have a short in the...
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    Purchase VS Lease Receiver

    Hey all. Just got off a live chat with Dish about the fee for leasing a receiver and how much my bill would go down if I purchased a receiver instead. I was told there is no price difference if I lease the receiver or if I buy my own. I was also told Dish will allow up to 6 leased receivers...
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    Infrequently used receiver problems

    true. I had the same problem over the winter with the receiver I use on my deck but never unplugged it once. Since I'm not into sitting outside in the snow, it would go for months without being turned on but always had power to it. Did the auto tune last fall, and didn't have any problems at all...
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    dish pissed me off

    I work in a 24/7 365 job. I knew that when I signed on. Yes, I'm in a union and get OT for holidays (I am lucky, I know). I see no reason why a sat installer should have to work on a holiday. ANY holiday. TV is not a life or death need. Why are the people who are getting the install...
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    Ex-E* customer...lied to by CSR...need help.

    Not wanting to start a war, but wouldn't the installer check the electrical outlet? I have a cheap (15$) tester that you plug in to an outlet and it lites up. Depending on what lites up is what is right or wrong with your wiring. Now I understand it would not be the installers job to fix it...
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    Something positive from Dish.

    Got mine in the mail today. Kinda nice
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    Lost 110 and 119 on second receiver

    Can you switch the feeds from the LNB to the receiver? If you can and now the second receiver works and the first goes out, its a bad LNB.
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    Hey! :-) I have a baseball question.

    You may have checked this, but are you looking under the "ALL SUB" guide, not one you made? That will tell you ALL the channels you are subscribed to and should be getting.