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    North TX Date Change

    Ya, but they want an extra 10.00 for HD Extreme to get the subscribed movie channels in HD. This is just wrong. Anyone else want to look into a class action? Didn't they promise any regular movie channel you subcribed to to be available in HD? To top it off, they cannot even place the...
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    Should You Dump Fios for Directv?

    I don't mean to be a stickler here, but mpeg4 compression, or compression in general, IS HDLite. Any compression of the video signal reduces the overall quality. In order to view the stream, something has to de-compress it back to it's original format. This causes some delay, even if it is...
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    Should You Dump Fios for Directv?

    Uhhhh? No HDLite??? I think you should specify where you learned this. I have read that this is not the case. in fact, I do not believe that they have the capability to deliver pure HD or uncompressed HD at all. While I don't object to people switching for the other problems it is not...
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    FiOS and QAM encryption?

    It could be a couple of things. First, is your anteana capable of recieving HD content. Most can, but some older ones are not. Second, how far are you from the broadcast towers. Most are located in the same pace on the top of a hill somewhere close to town. It may be that all you need is an...
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    720p only at Verizon???

    Easy. Press Menu on the remote, select Settings then Video Settings then Video Format. You will want the bottom item 1080i 16:9. Hope this makes your viewing experience better.
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    IMG 1.0.4 is out

    Still on 1.0.3 here.
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    Important Question About Fios Tv

    Sorry, I am looking at the new menu under Settings -> Favorite Channels -> Add/Remove Channels We use this a lot.
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    Important Question About Fios Tv

    It can be done on the new guide. It's just a little more complicated than before.
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    FIOS Menu/Updated Programming

    OK, I gave it some time and now I will post. I was really pissed last weekend when, after recording 11 hours of HD content of new shows before the writers strike, I turned on my set and box and low and behold everything from Friday night back was gone. No, not completely gone. It still showed...
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    Important Question About Fios Tv

    Box yes, adapter, no.
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    Fios VS Comcast

    The basics are the same. Perhaps you wil obtain a better result asking if Fios carries the channels you watch. The list of channels is too comprehensive (on both services) for anyone to do a side by side for you. I know that Comcast offers the movie channels in HD like East and West and Fios...
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    Discovery HD added

    New Channels Discovery is in Garland. Also CUBO, ION, and ION Life.
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    FIOS 2.0 now available!!!!

    I stand corrected. However, there is a noticible difference between MPG compression and ACC if placed on a quality system and listened to side by side. Same goes for HD. Compression delays the frame sequences which results in blurring during heavy motion or screen sweeps. Hardly noticible...
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    FIOS 2.0 now available!!!!

    HD Lite BAD (D*) - True HD GOOD (VZ) ScoBuck, you need to read up on HD Lite. Here is a great way to tell the difference. Watch an HD football game. When the camera pans left or right you will notice a blur on HD Lite (D*). This does not happen with VZ. VZ broadcasts in true HD, non...
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    Will Voom Come To Fios?

    Cablevision is not any worse than Time Warner, Cox, AT&T, or whatever it will be next week here in Texas. Poor video quality, slow and intermittent internet connections and piss por customer service. At least VZ provides a good picture quality and rockin Internet access. I too am ashamed...