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    Non-Penetrating Roof Mount On The Ground?

    I don't recommend that stuff. It starts to break up after a while, and then you got pieces of plastic in your yard years after. If you are gonna use it, make sure you get the thicker stuff, and realize that one day you might have to move your dish to replace it. Then again though, it might not...
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    An Apology to the FTA Community

    It was the network's own stupidity for thinking they would never be discovered, and then freaking out when they were.
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    putting up ku motor.

    That was a good idea with the tool box. It actually doesn't look so bad either. I'm not all that experienced with this either, but the way you jerry rigged the angle would worry me a bit. I was thinking before that maybe a hinge might work, but I didn't wanna say anything until someone more...
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    LCN gone on Galaxy 13?

    One likely advantage of internet based versus broadcasts is that you get a real number for the number of people watching. But I think these people are kidding themselves if they think that people are gonna search out channels online and stream them for hours. People want on demand TV with...
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    Is Radio Shack hopeless for this hobby, or is it just mine?

    That's a good question. *walks away* ;)
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    New FTA service with 20 english channels

    Yeah, I getting the feeling (or fear) that a better receiver will come out sometime soon...or perhaps just more choices.
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    New FTA service with 20 english channels

    Depends on which one you are talking about. I was lead to believe that the AZBoxes aren't great at blindscan though...the ones that have it... They are the closest thing to an all in one box solution however, and have been rewarded with sales.
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    New FTA service with 20 english channels

    I think that if a receiver came out in the US with good DVB-S/S2 blindscan, and 4:2:2 with at least USB external hard drive recording, it would quickly become the top box on the market. That long as it's not a piece of crap. It seems like the primary wish list item is 4:2:2.
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    Is Radio Shack hopeless for this hobby, or is it just mine?

    Radio Shack has been hopeless for EVERY hobby for years! Even if you can find the parts you want at a local RS, chances are they will be overpriced! They're pretty useless now days for almost everything. Someone should buy them out, but not Best Buy. There needs to be a shop for all the new...
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    New FTA service with 20 english channels

    I have something to say...Ice, your avatar scares me. :P Um...they have stated that they have tested it in a few houses. We have no clue what they have been testing. They could have been testing on encrypted channels. They could have sent test patterns through. Seriously, if you don't know...
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    Thai TV on 97 w

    Glad you could find an opportunity to market your goods, SatAV. :P
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    New FTA service with 20 english channels

    Cause that SOO works with antenna systems. *rolls eyes* :P I think this will provide more incentive to get friends to get FTA systems, in addition to their pay systems, and perhaps eventually dump their pay service, but I don't think they'll be converting in droves. Most don't even realize that...
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    Own you very own news truck!

    Then where would I put the rack mounted servers and audio equipment. :P
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    New FTA service with 20 english channels

    They haven't mentioned anything about DVB-S2. Those are the signals that are hard to get. We'll have to see if they switch to DVB-S2 eventually though. They have less to worry about a switch to S2 than other channels, because on their box, a proprietary channel guide might mean they don't need...
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    Can HH motor be mounted upside down?

    Would it work to open it up and switch the contacts to the motor, rather than having to switch west and east?