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    Can i mirror my HD receiver?

    I use an RF modulator (radio shack) to take the component cables to coax. The coax runs to the small lcd in my kitchen. I don't an IR remote since the room is open though
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    Low res hook up to HR20/21?

    doh! I did not realize it would be that simple.
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    Low res hook up to HR20/21?

    I'm looking to upgrade to the HD systems in the near future. My current set up allows me to slave or mirror off my receiver to another small tv in the kitchen. This is done by a cable that runs from the sat box to the kitchen. I would like to do this after I upgrade, but the new receivers do...
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    what do I get; what do I pay?

    I've had D* for a long time (>8 years) and I get the Sunday ticket (3 recievers-2 0f them DVRs). The last time I looked at the HD package, it was very weak. It looks like now I can get locals, plus more than ESPNHD and HDNET for $10/month. I've seen lots of posts on the new channels and...
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    Two Tivo Issues.

    I had a somewhat similar issue. I was able to fix it by eliminating reflections that were hitting my tivo. Specifically, the tivo was sitting on a dark glass shelf. Putting a piece of paper or moving the unit closer to the edge solved my problem. good luck
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    multiswitch vs antenna

    So would I replace my existing diplexor with the 5x8 multiswitch? are they rated for external installations? the installer only ran in two lines to the 4x3 multiswitch. Of course I should have realized there would be problems when he did not know how to use the tivo unit (he said he had...
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    multiswitch vs antenna

    I'm not sure what you mean by barrell over the coax. The way my system is set up, will every line to a reciever need to run to from a multiswitch? The diplexor is distributing the antenna now. I have 4 lines running into the house and the extra line I need to connect to is in the basement...
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    multiswitch vs antenna

    No, he did not touch the OTA coax. It is hooked in to a diplexor on the side of the house before it runs into the basement.
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    multiswitch vs antenna

    Taking advantage of the free dvr offer, I had the installer out today to hookup my second dvr. I already had a directivo (with both tuners functional) plus two other recievers. I also have an OTA antenna set up that runs though a diplexor. This has allowed me to distribute the antenna through...
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    hughes sd dvr40 remote problems

    I have a hughes sd dvr40 directv tivo that has been working fine until I moved it to a new room today (gentley). Now the remote has a mind of its own and continues through multiple selections on a single click. I've changed the batteries in the remote and restarted the system without success...
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    Buy new OTA antenna or wait for new satellites?

    swackman, I'm in Loveland OH. I had tnt pictures install an antenna for around $200 including the antenna. they did it on a cold snowy day. even if d* comes through soon, I'm not keen on $10 a month (at least until football season). Also, the installer wanted to pop a hole through my...
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    what do you get?

    I'm looking to move full bore into hd tv. I'm a long time D subscriber, but their menu of channels looks pretty week compared to the local tw cable at $11 a month. The sunday ticket will probably make the difference though. What I'm trying to determine is this the time to get an hd dish...