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    Voom On Comcast?

    umm Voom on Comcast - i would say "never" :) Comcast is very!!!!!!! conservative regarding any new channels or new ideas. Also IMO has been anti Rainbow from the start and still does not carry Fuse and other Rainbow channels on most systems. The only hope would be if your cable system...
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    All 10 VOOM Channels on Echostar will be on 61.5!

    I have no LOS other than 61 degrees - so this is good news as I could subscribe to the HD pack for 10 bucks with the 5 dollar service fee. Will the other HD channels also be brought over to 61 .. HDNET and ESPN ?
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    OMG, I still have channels!!

    The fat lady has sung.
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    The switch was flipped exactly at 3:00 AM EST

    I was curious to see what the shutdown would look like – and was totally surprised not to see any crawls or even a simply broadcast announcement screen today. At 2:59 one of the Voom side shows finished up and at 3:00 AM – the screen simply went black and the satellite icon flashed red. Ok -...
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    Updated program guide - graphics / UI ??

    Comcast is advertising a new and improved program guide - I'm using a S.A. - 3250HD - will my receiver be able to pick the new guide up ? Can a force a download or must I replace the box ? One of the worst things about coming to Comcast has been the really bad 8bit PG - yuk ! thanks
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    Comcast now has TNT HD!

    TNT HD in New England - CT
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    Voomer moved to Comcast – initial thoughts

    Unfortunately due to some very high trees, neither DISH nor DirecTV are available to me and as luck would have it Voom or Sky Angel are my only satellite options. I’ve therefore had to sign-up for Comcast silver plan with HD … my thoughts thus far: - In New England expect to pay between 85-90...
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    Iridium Satellite Phone ?

    I purchased 500 mins @ $550 - service in any part of the world - plus free SMS messages. Irony is that this is cheapter than some Sprint roaming plans in Canada which equal about $3 per minute :)
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    Iridium Satellite Phone ?

    I’m going on location in the Galapagos Islands shooting a documentary (using cine Alta HDCAM) next month and after some careful research I decided on Iridium to stay in touch with home. I looked the nearest competitor, Globalstar but they simply do not have the reach of Iridium. I also liked...
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    Currently fiber is being used for some theatre HD - PTP, and I can’t see Voom making this part its business plan.
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    What New Channels Are Mandatory for You/Your Family?

    - G4/Tech TV - Good Life TV (now American Life) - Sundance
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    New channels coming soon?

    BBC America & WGN - both fantastic additions. All I can say is - thanks.
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    Cablevision Enters into Interim Agreement Regarding VOOM

    off topic - but YES - HD News must go. It is a tax on the rest of the channels.
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    Letter from Inverstors to Chuck: (Voom/Echostar merge?)

    All speculation – fat lady has not begun to sing. Monday should be interesting. In the mean team – enjoy your Voom service. If you don’t have Voom go for a walk :)