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    Satellite Service for UK TV

    Thanks! Now I need to convince my wife to let me have a 6' C-Band dish. LOL Would I be able to get HDTV signals over that? e.g. Doctor Who in HD? Thanks for being so helpful. -k
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    Getting UK TV in the US

    Does anyone know if there is a satellite service where I could get UK TV in the US? -k
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    Satellite Service for UK TV

    Hi there. Is there any satellite services in the US where I could receive UK programming? Cheers!
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    Work Continues On Voom Satellites

    Satellite construction is in high demand, so there will always be someone there to fill up LM's schedule.
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    VOOM and Dolans Team Up With George Lucas

    VOOM Wars - Episode III - The Return of SD (hee hee)
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    Great News - Voom Is Here To Stay!!

    I was wrong.. I admit it.. I poured some of my 40 on the ground for VOOM. Now I am trying to lick it back off the sidewalk. :eek: Now, I hope you folks get a DVR soon. The fact that Motorola purchased Ucentric at least give you a fighting chance.
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    Thank You letters to VOOM and Charles Dolan

    Why would you thank a company and a man who really doesn't care anything about you or whether you live or die? Corporations view you as a "consumer". You are a label. Pledging alligence and thanking a company that has failed to deliver seems a little naive to me. HD
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    MORE NEWS: Another Board CVC Meeting set for 1/31/05? Nothing Reported yet.

    VOOM is dead... ::CLICK:: ::BANG!:: They sold their freakin' #1 satellite. A bum on skid row could buy VOOM now. There is nothing much left other than some spare parts and a bunch of lawsuits to settle. Maybe I will get a t-shirt that says, "KA-VOOM!"
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    Charles Dolan to buy Voom Back?

    At least I talked about Charlie's colon. :)
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    Charles Dolan to buy Voom Back?

    The REAL Deal I am an executive (CTO) and I understand this situation very well... // crawling up into charlie's colon // >Pointing with laser pointer "I would like to point out to you the thick layer of crust on the walls of Charlie's colon. They are caused by massive dosages of Tums...
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    The End of VOOM?

    Well, I predicted this about a year ago. Like others have said, VOOM will be sold off, piece by piece. Look for others to pick up remaining assets and even possibly take over new satellite order contracts. VOOM is effectively dead. It will writhe a bit before the final bullet is...
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    CAMC errors, DirecTV System Failure Update

    It's my contention that a donkey tripped over the T1 line in Bangalore India, taking out the system. I could be wrong.. ;)
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    Is it OK to LIE?

    Okay enough of this legalese nonsense. Here is my question. Out of the whole country, what would be the best place to "move" to????
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    Rainbow Spin-off is dead

    I have been predicting that VOOM would be sold in entirety or "parted" out for almost a year now. Once Cablevision announced that it was going to spinoff the company meant that it was bleeding red ink like a stuck pig. Cablevision's board of directors were going nuts about the loses being on...
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    HD Amplified Antenna for OTA

    Channel Master Stealth I am about 45 miles from all my primary towers, so under the advice of my antenna guy, I had him install a Channel Master Stealth antenna. The thing is very small and looks like a cool airplane wing - which is good since I have a neighborhood with no antennas. Adding an...