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    VOD not working on Hopper 3

    I'll try that tomorrow, I don't want to interrupt my current prime time recording. I would be surprised (pleasantly) if that works. This has been going on since at least spring and there have been several power outages that should have reset everything.
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    VOD not working on Hopper 3

    I am unable to record VOD on the Hopper 3. I can select a program to record and hit OK, but nothing happens and I don't get an error message. Oddly I can record the same VOD program on either Joey. Anybody have any ideas as to what is going on.
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    Picture freezing on one hopper, possibe node problem?

    I have a Hopper 1 and Hopper 2 along with a Joey. The Hopper 1 picture will freeze often, usually to the point on being usable. When the Joey is linked to the Hopper 1 it will also experience freezing but works find linked to the HWS. Troubleshooting steps that I have tried. When I switched...
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    Segate External Hard Drive

    To be clear, you let the Hopper reformat the drive and not the computer.
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    Is VOD quality the same as Dish?

    I can tell you when I had DSL with average measured download speeds of 2.5 MB that my VOD movies were not very good and quite soft. When I switched to Comcast with 50 MB downloads the quality went up to the point they were as good if not better than coming right off the dish. By the way I...
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    MOCA drops

    This may not be relevant to you but I occasionally get the stuttering and picture freezes and the moca warning comes up red on my screen. What I have found is that my network is getting a lot of collisions on it. My Netgear switch has a warning light that comes on when it receives excessive...
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    Poor Picture Quality

    If your picture is pixelated you most likely have a poor signal from the dish. If it is blurry you have something set wrong on the Hopper or the TV or both. I doubt you could tell any difference between Direct and Dish even side by side if both are setup correctly. I had a 622 and 612 before...
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    New Hopper and vertical size issue

    I think the problem you are having is an HDMI handshake between the Hopper and your TV. I have 2 hoppers and a Joey and I have he same issue you have but only on one Hopper that is connected to my 46 inch Toshiba. Never a problem on either of the other TVs even one of which is another different...
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    Bluetooth Headphones Or Receivers That Auto Connect To Hopper

    Maybe there is an issue with your particular HWS. I have tried several different brands on both my hoppers and have never had to re pair any of them. I really like my Sound Bot SB220 for for comfort and sound quality. Something I can't say for some of my others although I never had to pair...
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    Original Hopper On Demand Picture Quality

    I have both the HWS and original hopper neither one requires me download the whole thing before viewing. I have watched several movies in the last several days and started watching right away. The only thing you can't do is fast forward very far ahead until it has been recording for a while...
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    HWS went bonkers...

    There seems to be several threads with similar issues. I have been having the issue as well for the last couple of weeks on my HWS. It usually occurs when the weather is less than perfect with rain or dark clouds. When it happens I lose my local channels, PTAT show that it continues to record...
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    How Can You Cancel A Ppv Movie

    Thanks. Hard to believe you can change your programing and pay your bills right from your receiver but can't cancel a ppv scheduled a week in advance. Really lame.
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    How Can You Cancel A Ppv Movie

    Sorry if this has bee asked before, but does anyone know how to cancel a future PPV movie? My wife accidentally ordered a PPV movie scheduled for next week. The move is also on a premium channel we already pay for. I canceled the timer it setup but I see no way of removing it from the list of...
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    Two Hoppers not recording PTAT?

    I am in the Pittsburgh area and our ABC is a Hearst station and it recorded OK last night. I don't know why is affected the other 3 PTAT stations.
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    Two Hoppers not recording PTAT?

    My HWS didn't record PTAT either. I was able to manually push the record button when my wife noticed the red record light wasn't on and the individual show would record. However, when I tried to set the PTAT channels to record later in the evening I could not set them to do so. Fortunately I...