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    NBC Universal Sports?

    I watch it on 4-3 OTA in the Wash-Balt area. I just wish they'd: A) Show some curling, and B) Show up in my OTA TV Guide
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    Big Ten to Expand?

    I have no dog in this hunt (Hail to the Towson Tigers, We're true to the Black and Gold) but who the heck went to a 17,000 student high school? :D
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    Which WD EHD is better?

    With the 211, you only have one DISH tuner and one OTA tuner. You can watch DISH while recording OTA, watch OTA while recording DISH, or watch something on your DVR while recording both DISH and OTA. I use it mainly for time shifting and watching commercial free. With a large enough EHD...
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    How much did you pay for your first C-Band dish?

    Paid about $2000 w/install for a KTI 10 footer and a Panasonic IRD in 1990. Added Ku for about $300 a couple of years later.
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    Games in HD but not on Dish in HD (Part time HD)

    But sucking looks a lot better in HD!
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    No Whitesox in HD on 429? ADD HD RSNS ALLREADY!

    I sent my monthly complaint about the lack of ANY MASNHD and got a reply that was more on point for why DISH does the HD shuffle than why they don't carry MASNHD at all: ______________________________________________ Thank you for your e-mail. We appreciate your feedback. We currently...
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    Multi-Sports Package - 29 Local Sports?

    I picked up the sports pack last fall because my alma mater-Towson University-was playing Northwestern in football and I needed Big 10 to see it. Since then I've enjoyed it for out-of-market college sports and coaches shows and the like. Also the CFL. I was surprised this winter by the fact...
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    MLB Network campaign against DishNet

    I agree, to a point. I don't mind DISH having part time HDRSNs or occasionally missing an HD broadcast. I do mind the selectivity of which RSNs they are going to contract for in HD and the fact that this year I'll see none of my RSNs 315 or so HD broadcasts. I admit that it is true that...
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    Changes coming for RTV programming

    That's because TV Land Canada in actually Canadian owned and they pay to use the TV Land name. I'm no expert, but they do have to carry a percentage of Canadian content in order to exist. They used to carry "Smith and Smith", a sketch comedy show from the early '80s featuring Steve Smith (Red...
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    DISH Network sues DIRECTV Over Ads

    The Gong Show I've Got a Secret (actually, either company could use this one. The secret is: XX% of my national HD services don't show any real HD programming.)
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    Cinemax penny deal ending??

    I guess they are catching up a little at a time.
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    Cinemax penny deal ending??

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    Cinemax penny deal ending??

    Me too!
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    Statement from DISH - Not Getting the New HD?

    I'm pretty sure that they can give you the 1000.4 Eastern Arc dish-one dish for 61.5/72.7/77. I haven't been upset with the reception, signal strength here has been fine. Good luck.