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    replace original hoppers with hopper3?

    Let me rephrase that remark. I would say that I don't know how to do it which is true. there is nothing that couldn't be recovered in a couple of weeks. "jahost"
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    replace original hoppers with hopper3?

    Hello, it has been months and months since I have visited this forum. I still have 2 original hoppers and one joey which were installed the first day they were available. I know zero about the new hopper3. What would I need to replace my current equipment, how would it compare cost wise and how...
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    Software Upgrade

    The software upgrade on 10-31-14 seems to have fixed the OTA recording problem. "John"
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    OTA will not record.

    I have had it happen on "MY Sports" Also. It will create a timer but never record it.
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    Can't pair bluetooth speaker

    I was initially able to pair the speaker and then I unpaired it. Can't get it to pair again. I can pair it to my 2nd hopper OK. I have done all the usual resets and power down. I called Dish and they couldn't help. Any idea's? "John"
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    can't pair bluetooth speaker

    my daughter loaned me a Bluetooth speaker that I was able to pair to my hopper. Later in the day it wasn't working so I unpaired it. I have not been able to pair it since. I can pair it to my 2nd hopper ok. I have done resets, unplugged etc. called dish and nothing works. Any ideas? "John"
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    Cabling question.

    I started with 2 Hoppers and 2 Joeys when they first came out. I have since returned one of the Joeys for lack of use. Do I need to do anything to the cable for the returned Joey? Terminate it, remove it? "John"
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    New Hopper with Sling upgrade pricing

    Will upgrading to the new Hopper reset your 2 year commitment to another 2 years?
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    Sling not valid.

    My sling adapter is also doing the same. I have 2 Hoppers and I tried it on both with the same result. It is not likely that it is the Hopper. I had Dish out today for a different problem and it couldn't figure out what the problem is. My problem started some time after I installed the OTA...
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    NBA League Pass fiasco

    This is about the 3rd year in a row that Dish has charged me for the NBA package after I tell them I don't want it. They used to send a letter telling you to call if you didn't want it. I would call and they would still charge me saying they had no record of me calling. This year they didn't...
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    BIG 10 is BACK - A Deal Has Been Reached!

    If you have a 2 year commitment shouldn't it be void if Dish no longer provides the programming you expected?
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    BIG 10 is BACK - A Deal Has Been Reached!

    No BIG 10 Network this morning. Am I the only one who no longer has the Big 10 Network this morning? John in Des Moines, IA.
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    Hopper S221 Feedback

    Is there somewhere you can find out which combination of color buttons perform which functions? "John"
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    Hopper S221 Feedback

    Is the WI-FI adapter still needed for the 2nd Hopper on S221? "John"
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    Problem Connecting Internet to New Hopper Install

    What is bridging? What is it supposed to do? "John"