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    Does Google TV work well with ESPN3?

    I does work. It took a while to load, but it does work. The HD games looked great.
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    XM Sirius Announces "Best Of" Packages to be available 10/6

    I just activated the best of Sirius on my factory (Acura) XM radio. The XM website crashed when I tried to activate online, but I had no problems when I called the 800 number. The CR said it may take 24 hours to show up, but I have Howard Stern etc. right away.
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    Received upgrade letter 942 to 622, advice?

    Make sure that they give you a "new" 622. The rebuilt boxes are junk.
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    622 Sling Box Issue

    Never mind...A dish network fix all, a reboot, fixed all.
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    622 Sling Box Issue

    I have had a slingbox connected to my 622 with no issues for months. Today my video is only a test pattern using both the TV1 analong outputs (s-video and composite). I am trying to figure out if this is an "E" issue or a sling box problem, before I star pulling apart all on the...
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    Dish Launches Big 10 Network

    When are we going to get the SEC, ACC, Big 12, Pac 10 and Big East channels?
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    Remote (Aux mode)?

    My 622 remote controls my Sony Receiver's volume. I do not use the input button.
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    Is the 622 outdated now that 622-1 is coming?

    I am sure at the 2009 CES they will introduce VC -2.
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    622 Daily reset--Anyone having this problem

    My 622 started to reboot more and more frequently. I had to have Dish send me a replacement. Tech support will tell you that is a "known issue" and they trying to resolve it, but don't buy their b.s. Make them replace the unit. My replacement unit works perfectly.
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    What is this $59.95 charge for?

    Dish has fixed the problem....No more paper bills!!
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    XM to launch 24 Hour Surround Sound Channel

    What good is Dolby 5.1 if the music is not recorded in 5.1?
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    New 942 Feature but does it work?

    I have a cannon camera which did not work, but when I used the USB card reader I had no problems. This is very cool feature.
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    Does anyone remember???

    Maybe they can release the schedule of when the schedule will be available for release.
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    942 Install Problem

    I have had an 811 and 508 running off the same TV. The 508 was connected right to the DP34 switch and a separate line with a diplexer for the OTA and my 811. No problems for the past year. I just tried to self install my new 942 and can only get the box to recognize my sat 1 or 2. Just not...
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    Dish installer near Lake Worth-West Palm Beach FL

    This company Discount Digital Satellite Phone: (954) 227-7379 does excellent work. I know they work in Broward County and should go to Palm Beach also.