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    DirecTv App

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    Enter To Win a BOXEE BOX by DLINK!

    The happiest of holidays to you all!
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    D* HR24, connecting to the Internet

    When I replaced my boxes with the new HR24's I just plugged the ethernet plug into the same jack on my router the previous unit was plugged into. Nothing else special was done - however, my home computer music/pictures did not show up in the menu as it did on my previous boxes until I unplugged...
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    Instructions to get MRV (whole home DVR) activated for ethernet

    After all the drama, and waiting to see if they would find the problem and turn it on it wasn't. So I wrote another email explaining all that transpired with Customer Service and asking that it just be turned back on - got the email back about it not being supported and the bill would be...
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    Instructions to get MRV (whole home DVR) activated for ethernet

    I even asked him during this 10 minutes if I needed to reset the receiver for the change to take effect - he said no - it would be just like them turning on HBO - he said he was getting strange error messages on his end and didn't understand them nor did anyone else in the office he was asking -...
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    Instructions to get MRV (whole home DVR) activated for ethernet

    After changing my plan per DirecTV email - and seeing the MRV program notice is over on the TV last night I called - long story short - after a good 10+ minutes on the phone with them they could not turn it back on - they said they would work on it over the next few days???????
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    Instructions to get MRV (whole home DVR) activated for ethernet

    I tried the email approach - I have been using the MRV beta with total success since it started and see no need for further equipment/wiring changes. So I sent the email to which they replied that I had an expired plan (HD-DVR w/locals) to go to my account online and choose a new plan (Choice...
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    Now let's get truthful about AVATAR.

    After seeing the IMAX 3D I had already decided I wasn't going to buy the Blu-ray because leaving the theater I felt so-so about the movie story (except for the visualization of the film which I thought was stunning). But, when I got a Blu-ray sale email this past weekend from Amazon that...
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    very slow HR20-100 after most recent upgrade

    Way so slow with mine also - besides that - any program that I want to delete the title still shows with all the other programs for a second or two before disappearing, giving the brief impression that it wasn't deleted. The first time this showed up I hit delete again and just about deleted...
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    First Looks: The Verizon Motorola Droid

    Bought it yesterday and I love it, where does one find 32gb micro SD for it?
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    DirecTV HR2x Mass Lockups overnight 10/6

    ditto ditto - but mine eliminated several of my local channels only when it came back on - I tried to add Channel 6 and pressed select the unit froze again then shut itself off and restarted. Checked the info screen and there is no current date for any software that was downloaded.
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    HDMI Switch

    I am so sorry - I just looked at my online accounts and I did purchase the Monoprice 5 output unit - I thought I had purchased the one (it looks identical) from Amazon - but the Amazon one is more expensive and with not knowing how the switch was going to work in the first place I opted for the...
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    HDMI Switch

    Have used one (5 output) from Amazon and it has worked perfectly - if it broke I would immediately buy another I like it that much.