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    yeah there's been a couple of problems with the new channels in some parts of NJ i'd call CV and made sure they're aware of the problem
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    NFL Network, NBA TV, NHL Network

    wasn't dolan quoted ~a year ago saying that the only way we would see nfl net was if we got sunday ticket
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    New Channel coming in May

    Too bad they don't show Looney Tunes anymore. I couldn't tell you the last time I saw either that or Merrie Melodies.
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    New Channel coming in May

    Boomerang is a 24-hour American cable television channel owned by Turner Broadcasting System (a division of Time Warner: airs MGM, Hanna-Barbera, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network programs). The network debuted April 1, 2000. list of current shows: List of programs broadcast by Boomerang -...
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    Cablevision goes HD crazy!

    The new episodes of The Real World and The Challenge are in HD on MTV.
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    Cablevision goes HD crazy!

    The Real World is the only thing on MTV that's in HD, I believe. And I think E! does the red carpet shows in HD. That's like .1% of their programming combined in HD.
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    Cablevision goes HD crazy!

    Just the ones that were added a few months ago. The main premiums HD channels (HBO HD, SHO HD, etc.) are still non-SDV.
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    Cablevision goes HD crazy!

    Since they're both OTA channels that are going HD very soon.
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    Cablevision goes HD crazy!

    Funny there's no ION (WPXN) HD or Telemundo (WNJU) HD.
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    Cablevision Removing Analog Services

    1 analog channel takes up 1 full QAM, correct?
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    Sign a petition and keep Monsters HD on the air.

    i can't say i watched monsters HD all that much, as i'm not really into the thriller/horror genre but a couple of nights ago i couldn't sleep and i found this good british b-move "Horror Hospital" from the mid 70's. it wasn't too over the top, and i enjoyed it a lot.
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    The Voom Replacement Channels are...

    i only count 14 channels in the OP, but assuming it is 15, to add with the current 5 premium HD channels, that would put us at 20 premium HD channels fios has 43
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    new channels/services

    comedy central HD is live on channel 768 on long island today
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    Rumor, Unofficial, unconfirmed and unverified....Speculation on the next wave of...

    a lot of complains about history HD... it could be the evil sister of tbs and tnt Stretch on HD? in Modern Marvels in History Channel
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    What will be the new hd channels?

    i hope they free up enough space to stop the over compression