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    Sportstime Ohio HD?

    The game is in Oakland. The Indians have no control over the start time.
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    PPV HD Movies in Dolby Stereo, not 5.1?

    Do they show the HD PPV in original aspect ratio or do they show them full screen?
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    Contact Information - Major Problem

    Yes, it's now the latest software version. I'll see tonight when I get home whether my guide data updates properly. I'm definitely not going to tell them to cancel the shipment of the other box!
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    New HR20 software 1/28 and 1/29

    As I noted elsewhere, I had very poor service dealing with the update. The tech person had me erase the hard drive and force download the software, only to be caught in an endless reset loop (it wouldn't download satellite information or guide data). They finally decided that the box was bad...
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    Contact Information - Major Problem

    I was on the phone with customer service last night for almost an hour. Over and over: "There's nothing we can do." "There's nothing we can do." Not that I cared about the money part, but at no time was I ever offered any kind of credit for my problems. When I asked to speak to a supervisor...
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    Contact Information - Major Problem

    Just had my initial installation on Monday. This morning my HR-20 tried to download the new software, but never completed. Tonight I called technical support because I was in an endless reset loop that never completed the restart. The technician's solutions was first to re-format the hard...
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    New HR20 software 1/28 and 1/29

    I woke up this morning to a notice of new software, but it's failed three times now at various times of the download (it's hung at 1% right now, got to 52% the last time)
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    Channel Problems - HR20

    Unfortunately, I'm at the latest version (0x11b). CNN is definitely still unwatchable tonight as are some other stations (TBS on Channel 247, for example).
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    Channel Problems - HR20

    I did that and now the channel is back, although it's not coming in very well, along with a number of other channels. It only seems to be the HD-DVR. My other receivers are working fine.
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    Channel Problems - HR20

    This morning I had problems with some channels on my newly installed HR20. When I tried to go to CNN, I received the 721 error and the channel came in and out, but never locked. I ran into the same problems with other channels (don't have specifics at this point). I was able to get CNN with...
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    Uplink Report - Sept 5th

    Unfortunately no Fox Sports Ohio, which began offering Cavs games in HD last year, and I'm sure will this year too.
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    Dish to offer Multi Camera Football

    I'm getting the feed on my regular receiver's channel 100, but not on my 942. Strangely, when I first saw the news release, I thought it listed specific receivers and included the 942.
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    HD MLB EI available (FSN HD) Now

    The initial HD games for the MLB package have been added to the Dish Network schedule: They will be using 9467 and 9428
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    Any free previews coming up?

    FYI, the MLB Extra Innings free preview for July 14th-July 18th is listed on the Dish Network website.
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    New Dish HD Channels in the Fall?

    There's talk over on AVS that D* is going to add HD baseball games to the MLB package. Unfortunately, no such information from E* so far.